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No help, no support: censorship of Australian Covid vaccine injuries despite high AEFI rates nation-wide

A cover up in five pictures

The ethics of vaccine mandates: Transmission was a red herring

A lie in four pictures

Vaccine injuries and deaths are undercounted in official data

I asked NSW Health for Susan Pearce's "irrefutable" proof that the Covid vaccines are effective: They want to charge me $630 to find it

A bloody battle: Health NZ threatens to take baby into custody over parents' wish for baby to receive unvaccinated blood during surgery

Ripping off the band aid: the establishment just exposed themselves on lockdowns

What to do if you think you've been vaccine injured

Is NSW Health trolling us all?

Why bother?

"The largest global vaccination trial ever"

Unvaccinated Sydney train drivers awarded backpay, Fair Work Commission decision

What lies beneath: the dormant police state


Get vaxxed baby! and other puerile propaganda messages from the annals of pandemania Down Under

Vaccination, on your doorstep!

On Simpson’s paradox and vaccine effectiveness

4+ doses is the magic number if you want to die with Covid

QLD Gov clamps down on coercive control, unless it's them doing it, in which case it's fine

Nothing like a little bit of bad publicity to bring about policy change

Big tech context warnings admit vaccine harm

WA wildlife sanctuary still requires vaccination for entry, in the middle of nowhere, because... why?

Australians are trapped in an abusive relationship with our government

The problem with comparing seatbelts to Covid vaccines

Gaslighting 2.0: Admit without apology

Pfizer Covid vaccine gets the go-ahead for Australian babies and toddlers

I'm in the market for some Jehova's Witness jewellery

Leading UK cardiologist calls for immediate suspension of mRNA Covid vaccination

Australia's Covid response cost $934.8 billion and resulted in 31 x more life years lost than were saved

The TGA wants you to report products with misleading claims. You know what to do.

Misleading, dangerous, misuse of tax payer funds

NSW Health officials straight up lied about their own data in budget estimates

Australia, it's not over yet. Protest for freedom this Saturday 17 September.

R U OK? is more than a social media square

Oops, NSW Health forgot to update the definition of vaccine failure to keep up with shifting goal posts

3 months of NSW data show it's not the unvaccinated in hospitals with Covid

Holy mother of God, UK Gov KNEW the Pfizer vaccine was not proven safe for pregnant women, but strongly recommended it to pregnant women anyway (and still does)

Australia's most trusted brand

Conversation with a Balinese driver

WA's state of emergency may be coming to an end

Pfacebook Pfact Checkers

An important letter from the Australian Medical Professionals Society

A vaccine that can kill you even if you don't take it. Wait, what?!

Update on Bali travel: prior infection exemptions

Unvaxxed travel to Bali: 10 things you need to know

Australians are too obsessed with rules

Remember when the fine for possession of a RAT was $20, 000?

Look we're on British telly!

How to lie with statistics

Update: Official number of unjabbed Australians

Misleading: WA Premier Mark McGowan's Covid hospitalisation stats don't add up

More boosters = more hospitalisations?

0.3% of NSW Covid hospitalisations are unvaccinated

The fine line between news and satire

Is NSW starting to show negative efficacy for Covid vaccines?

Captured by the Bamboozle

My Body, My Choice

Start 'em young. Agenda seeding in schools.

Privacy and consent scrapped by major Australian retailers - for your safety

You'll own nothing and you won't be happy

I'm unvaxxed and immunocompromised. I got Covid. Here's how it went.

Vax work mandates ease today

Language is important: part 1

The rise and rise of Covid-19 infections Down Under

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