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Why Australians are saying no to the WHO

Evidence of mRNA vaccine genomic integration?

Australia's eSafety Commissioner initiates civil penalty proceedings against social media platform X

Australian medical regulator finally relaxes Covid gag order on doctors

Vaccine mandate whitewash? The Hermit Kingdom’s revisionist history

URGENT: Australians, you have until FRIDAY to make a submission to the Covid Inquiry

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UPDATE: McKernan's MEGA account restored, minus NZ Covid vax data

Kevin McKernan loses entire database of research after NZ health service obtains an injunction to prevent sharing of leaked Covid vax health data

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The importance of active surveillance, and other insights from the Hermit Kingdom's 2022 vaccine safety data

The People's Letter to the World Health Organisation

Pharmacovigilance gone to the dogs

My top 8 talks from the ARC Conference

All About the ARC Conference, London

The ARC: New Vision, or WEF 2.0?

Pfizer’s Bait and Switch a ‘Gut Punch’ for Informed Consent

Contamination in mRNA Shots ‘Serious Regulatory Oversight’

Narrative control: Vaccines and excess deaths

Refugee, GP, Renegade: Suspended doctor My Le Trinh

Australian excess deaths probe

Australia's emphatic rejection of the Voice to Parliament at the weekend's referendum reveals some home truths

Voice referendum Australia's Brexit?

Thousands of New Zealand health service workers secretly exempted from Covid vaccine mandates

Interview with Kevin McKernan, scientist who discovered DNA contamination in mRNA shots

5 ways to skin a (genetically modified) cat

YouTube removes my new interview exposing the TGA's regulatory failures

Ding, Dong, Dan is Gone!

Multicultural Australia: What a diversity of views on the Voice referendum can teach us about how to talk (and listen) to each other

Scientists ‘shocked’ and ‘alarmed’ at what’s in the mRNA shots

'Definite causal link' between all-cause mortality and Covid vaccine rollouts

UPDATE: Marcia Langton actually DID accuse No voters of racism

'Racist and stupid': How to lose a referendum

Australia's drug regulator admits it doesn't know extent of Covid vaccine harm

Disinformation campaign fails to bolster support for Australia's Indigenous Voice to Parliament

New Zealand PM denies vaccination was compulsory despite widespread mandates, redefines what words mean

Updates: #1 Troll, London calling, trash talking censorship

First Covid deaths were fully vaccinated, Queensland Government records show

Misinformation wars: The flawed research driving bad policy

All-cause mortality started trending upwards with vax rollout, not Covid, report finds

Covid vaccines and your DNA: What the science tells us (and what it doesn’t)

Review of West Australian pandemic response cements extreme Covidian measures as permanent public health policy

Full registration granted for Pfizer Covid vaccine, Australia

Hero or heretic? The tale of suspended doctor William Bay


'End Big Pharma vaccine indemnity': new bill tabled in Australian Parliament

Covid cover-up front page news, but hardly anyone cares

Australian GP sues Pfizer and Moderna over unapproved GMOs in mRNA Covid vaccines

Australian Government's misinfo bill 'inconsistent with human rights'

Excess deaths Australia 2020-2023

Australia on ‘Dangerous Ground’: New misinformation bill a threat to democracy

Support for the Voice is failing: Blame it on the Yes campaign

'Quite horrendous': Dr John Campbell on West Australian vaccine safety data

Tech giant Meta to 'safeguard' Australian referendum integrity, arbitrate truth

From Australia's most liveable city, to the world's most locked down hellhole

People who can't use a spell check or safety test gene-vaccines want to control everything you can see, hear or say online

Emerging evidence of Long Vax syndrome highlights harms of medical misinformation

The Voice: An immigrant's perspective

YouTube censors Australian politician's maiden speech to parliament, cites 'medical misinformation'

Government stalls on compo for Covid vaccine injuries

Is the Voice to Parliament a Trojan Horse?

EXCLUSIVE: Watch my interview with Dr Aseem Malhotra

Pharma-funded blindness: UK cardiologist says vaccine harms wilfully ignored

Saviour or Tyrant? The pandemic brought out Premier Mark McGowan's true colours

The Australian Government’s role in the Censorship Industrial Complex, and why this is different to necessary moderation of online speech

The Australian Government agency policing tweets on breastfeeding

The Australian Government colluded with big tech to suppress speech on Covid

Covid vaccine injury class action update, Australia

'Cooker Watch': Delegitimising dissent in 5 simple steps

The science is in the fine print

RED FLAG 🚩 Pfizer advocates for constitutional change in Australia

'Entertainment, not news’: Sensational claims about cardiac deaths spark concerns over media’s role in spreading Covid misinformation

Telethon study recruiting adolescents for 'high risk' Covid vaccine booster trial


Ivermectin ban lifted, Australia

Public Health Propaganda in 7 Simple Steps

Diagnosing long Covid: ‘We still don’t really know what it is’

Class Action lawsuit cites regulatory failures over Covid vaccines

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The TGA grants approval for full registration to Moderna's Covid vaccine

BREAKING: High Court turns its back on Australian babies in unprecedented decision

Pro-vaxxer: 'Why I won't be vaccinating my children against Covid'

Skidmore article on Covid vaccine uptake and injuries retracted

Why are there so many new defibrillators popping up in the community?

The ‘hermit kingdom’: how Western Australia became the control group in the global Covid vaccine experiment

Study finds negative attitudes amplify vaccine side effects, providing a strong utilitarian argument against coercive vaccination policies

Might is right in the Australian justice system: Sydney Trains wins appeal against unvaccinated train drivers

High risk, low benefit of Covid boosters to healthy young people finally acknowledged by Australia's vaccine advisory body

The Australian government's health advice service removes Covid vaccine misinformation as a 'direct result' of my feedback

West Australian government finally releases 2021 vaccine safety data: vaccines have been pulled from the market for far less than this

NSW Health admits to not using their own data for advice on vaccine effectiveness

Missing SAHMRI report on SA Health Covid data finally published

The West Australian government is inviting feedback on its Covid response

EXCLUSIVE: Dr Peter McCullough calls for ‘unsafe’ vaccines to be taken off the market, links vaccines to excess deaths

The media's new obsession: 15 minute city 'conspiracy theories'

The TGA responds to claims that they hid child vaccine deaths

The South Australian government wants you to take their word for it that the unvaccinated are 5x more likely to die from Covid

Australia's drug regulator hid vaccine deaths from the public, concerned that 'disclosure could undermine public confidence'

Actual mask expert Megan Mansell chimes in on the Cochrane mask review backlash

Doctors warn: Culture of fear and silence in the Australian medical profession puts patients at risk

Good Australians and the banality of evil: how segregation became widely accepted public policy

Covid vaccine injury causes vaccine hesitancy - new peer reviewed paper finds the bleeding obvious

Australian adolescents set to become Pfizer's lab rats 🐀 (again)

Media employs the no true Scotsman fallacy to discredit an internationally acclaimed expert, demonstrates why no one trusts the media

COVID VACCINE CLASS ACTION: Calling Australian vaccine injured and families of the deceased

The Re-education of Dr Sally Price

Nine News quietly drops Covid vaccination requirement for workplace entry long after everyone else does

Nine News asked for people to come forward if they've suffered a heart attack, and let's just say things did not go as planned

A national wave of trauma and grief

Have Covid vaccines released 'The Kraken'?

Inside the psyche of the Cult Covidian