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Thanks for the coverage, it is appreciated. A major part of any good con, is getting the mark to feel comfortable. Subtle environmental cues such as lighting, ambiance, relaxed and appearingly accessible "carrots/goals/personages (whatever motivates the individual mark), all contribute to lowering the marks guard, opening their mind to suggestion and subliminal messaging.😐🤔🤨

Its part of psychology 101, used by many professionals, in many industries, and not unlike "setting up the brand". I've just outlined it in the more stark and slightly grubbing version used by grifters🤐 Same, same, but different.😉

ARC may indeed turn out to be a very powerful and obviously altruistic organisation, dedicated to guiding humanity, through inclusion of the brightest, shiniest global minds in the future. #soundfamiliaryet

But I'll throw my lot in with my local community and self resilience, before I take direction for my future from groups proporting to be the grandpobar of "global responsible citizenship". BTJMO 😉🤷‍♀️

#wearemany #wearememory #wewillnotforgive #getlocalised #mistakeswereNOTmade

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Thank you for your perspective on this. ARC is starting to sound like a retirement council for jobless globalists. The people who led us into this situation are not the ones I want leading us out!!

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Attempting to unite people with part- truths, massive omissions, and a complete lack of debate ( pretence of consensus) is not going to save this materialist world.

We are living in a shadow of the past. The Oasis mirage has been found, and only dried up old bones and sand were discovered.

We are entering an age of full transparency. Everyone has to stop lying to themselves and others, period.

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Thanks for all this, Rebekah.

So, "Scotty from Marketing" was in attendance, eh? That's enough to set alarm bells ringing. This is the same Scotty who went around squawking "safe and effective, safe and effective" like a deranged chicken on an endless loop. The same Scotty that - disregarding the thousands of innocent children killed in Gaza - was advocating on Australian msm NEWS yesterday for no ceasefire, just carry on

As for Jordan Peterson - I recently listened to him and Russell Brand having what they thought was an "intellectual" conversation. No - I definitely wouldn't want to be living in a world full of the likes of Jordie, Russell, Peta Credlin, Scotty, etc. all thinking in "lockstep." Tell me, Rebekah, was David Icke in attendance? Just curious. In case you're not familiar with him, he's the guy from England who thinks that the British Royal Family descend from a long line of "Reptilian aliens." Lunacy. A lot of us who see what we're actually up against.

I don't think they're "controlled opposition"; rather, just the "conservative" branch of the "elite" saying, "What about us? We want in on this. We want our share!"

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I've been a big fan of Jordan Peterson. Not at all of Shapiro perhaps it's his spitting out of words at a hundred miles an hour puts me off and clearly he does not care too much for the suffering or slaughter of his enemies children and the helpless ordinary civilians The ME conflict is really none of my business, but it may be that we are being coerced again into taking a side, reminiscent of the high intellectual Bush junior saying ' if you're not with us you're against us' , I'm not comfortable with that.

Peterson did disturb me lately with his mouthing off with the go get em Netanyahu comment and the get the damn jab comments, perhaps his strength has been to articulate more thought provoking arguments against 'wokeism' in general. But I won't give him anymore credit than that now.

The covid crimes have to be addressed. They are too great not to be. So it will be interesting to see if there is any discussion on this from ARC going forward.

I squirm a bit with the term "responsible citizen' , it could easily progress to something like ' do this thing against your will and best personal interests, for the greater good'. 'Be a responsible citizen!"..To not agree then are we to be designated irresponsible citizens?

I've given up on all the chatter on social media, what we see unfolding is so overwhelming and I believe the root of the outright evil on show come down to the collapse of the financial system.

I listened to Whitney Webb most of yesterday. For me personally this brave gifted and exceptional young woman gives the best overview of the goings on in this troubled world and helps me understand and prepare for what's coming. And shit is coming, no doubt about it.( excuse the French)

As for Peterson and ARC? I'm not so sure. I'll reserve my judgment

As some of us say in NZ. " Less Hui and more dui".

Thanks for your coverage of the conference.

Have a great day.

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Here is a more detailed summary, that also raises many questions including "what next" questions.


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Thanks for a detailed and informative overview of the first ARC conference. ARC clearly wants to emerge as the antithesis of WEF. By focussing on the principles of regional/ local initiatives rather than centralised solutions is logical to achieve this goal. Your review did not touch on where the funding came from for the creation of ARC? Do you have any insights as the ARC website refers to the Gates foundation??

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Thanks for the even handed reporting Rebekah - very interesting.

I've been keen to see how the ARC progressed since the first mention earlier this year.

Overall, I do have faith in JBP given his consistent messaging over the years that are antithetical to the messaging of the globalists.

However, that being said, there are some things that concern me.

These are the same issues that would concern me if I myself had the power and clout to pull something similar together.

HOW do you get the right people on board? There are many wolves in sheeps clothing since the globalists have had decades to plan this out and many events like 201 (about 10 I believe)

HOW do you find out the TRUTH on matters? - an example is with JBP and Israel - it does appear that the Hamas attack could have been a "controlled opposition"* even to "justify" a Gaza genocide - how do we know for sure? If it is the case, has JBP been taken in by it? *(many oddities such as the iron dome appearing to fail and an 8 hour window "granted" to the attackers, plus many other inconsistencies)

HOW do you prevent those who detract from the event (and even make it appear as controlled opposition) from attending? Scomo for example who went directly against the health advice re lockdowns etc and many other actions he undertook that make it appear that he is fully on the side of the globalists - so was he there as a "spy", was he accidentally invited? This query applies to other Aussie politicians who were there

HOW do you construct the event in a way to NOT appear to be similar to WEF? - there are basic fundamentals or foundations of such an initiative that are common, whether you are planning good or evil. You have to make a call - make a decision - and take ACTION. The you learn as you "get to market". For instance, Churchill developed plans, had meetings with Generals, addressed the public, sent communiques to the field leaders - and I believe that Hitler did the same.....so does this make Churchill a fascist dictator? Obviously not - there are foundations that are necessary.

HOW do you get open discussion from all attendees and yet still achieve key objectives that you believe are essential at the outset? (this speaks to your comment "where are the debates" and "The message was definitely pre-determined" - but you have answered this well with your thought "The pro to this is that, in terms of crafting a better story, it allows for a consistent, clear message. The obvious con is that there were some outstanding thinkers in the audience who did not have the opportunity to contest the ideas coming from the stage" - and I agree that this is a very tricky balance - it is so easy for the event (or any discussion) to go off the rails with random input from third parties. I think that we could empathise here with the time scale. Remember that this is not a one off convention over 2 or 3 days. In such a convention, the format might be established in the first few hours and more engagement encouraged thereafter. But this is a war with a time frame of possibly years - so it may be reasonable that the foundational meeting is highly structured (to establish brand as you have mentioned) and that from the feedback and analysis, future engagement can be determined to fully encapsulate the ideals of the organisation

Overall, it sounds to me from the principles and values (as you have illustrated in "what did they talk about for 3 days") are on point with a movement to address humanitarian needs and positive growth and a better world with input from global experts and empowerment at the local levels (diametrically opposite to WEF)

The concerns that have arisen and will no doubt will continue to arise are not unusual and not, I believe, indicative of ulterior motives. Churchill made mistakes. I'm sure also that Gandhi made mistakes, as did Martin Luther King I'm sure.

It will be very easy for armchair "war strategists" to criticise every move.

It will also be very natural for many to be intensely skeptical, particularly since the whole world (at least those who are awake) have been "burned" in the most egregious manner. I recall a JBP speech (where he was quoting from Nietzsche?) that betrayal is the most severe assault on a person and that some do not recover from it - it makes you realise that your entire past was perhaps "not real" and it undermines all trust and destroys your foundations (I'm paraphrasing)

And on top of this, there will be a few thousand elitists and their unwitting brainwashed collaborators (useful idiots in the millions) who will do anything to criticise and tear down those who are genuine on the ARC (as they have been doing for 4 years now with their "ministry of truth")

Thanks again for the writeup and perspective.

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It's worth noting there are & have been many different organizations working at local levels around the world. Tellinger's Ubuntu/One Small Town initiative is one example. He has a vision.

In my view, if entities like ARC are serious, they need to put out position statements on things that really matter:

climate engineering

genetic alteration of biological life

electrical/wireless suffocation of life

industrial/chemical pollution

the fraud of virology/vaccination

admission of suppression of "clean" energy

admission of suppression of "health" solutions


Technology & technological innovation is currently being used as a weapon.

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"Geopolitics wasn’t discussed much from the stage, but it’s worth mentioning that on the few occasions that it came up, the take was pro-Israel. Anyone who had a differing view expressed it quietly off to the side."

In the interview: "I'm here because Jordan Peterson asked me. How can you say no to that..."

Peterson works for Ben (Israel) Shapiro, Shapiro is a majority shareholder Oramed, Israeli Pharmaceuticals.

Conflicts of interest? Only if you can find the link, but I'm sure deep down it's all love for ones neighbours. Just not Palestine. Obviously.

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Was the talk from stage pro- globalists ( I mean pro- Israel), or were the speakers 'Israel's' pro stitutes ... Or did I just stutter?

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Thamks for the report Rebekah, love your work :)

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Respectfully, the premise of 'thought leadership' having the theme of 'responsible citizenship' where everyone is pro-Israel at all costs (that cost being genocide), where the US DOD hegemony is never questioned including the behemoth of the NSA-CIA Pine Gap spying and drone strike facility in the Australian central desert is utterly bizarre. Not to mention the Operation Warp Speed vice grip.

We are hurtling towards WWIII, they are looting the treasury for vanity projects, people are homeless (or about to be), and everyone is at a 'respectful' dinner party.

Edit: I feel like I am watching the last days of the Roman empire. In fact, I know I am.

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Your statement that "the take was pro-Israel" caught my eye. This confirms the likelihood that ARC is controlled opposition. Anyone who is pro-Israel (Zionist) lacks any real sense of morality, ethics or spirituality (religious or secular). The only thing open for discussion is the psychology of cognitive dissonance. But all you would get from the ARC folks is smiley virtue signalling.

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Thanks. Interesting. I have asked Stephen Chavura a few questions in his piece in the Speccie.

Sone troubling anti semitism in the comments above.

It is to be hoped that the new stock of politicians who attended will come back and do, to change our trajectory.

Unity is a difficult thing to achieve.

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Thank you for reporting on this. Fascinating to see this development.

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