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Well said., and a great analysis.

There does seem to be a massive disconnect between the media/political agenda, and the everyday people.

I am increasingly impressed by how so many people are considering the issues in a very thoughtful way, and just how capable most people are of nuanced thinking about this issue.

Thank you, Rebekah, for your previous article about this. And it's not just our recent immigrants!

I have family members who are favouring different sides of the debate - but they all have been thoughtful and considered about their process of decision making.

And really, that's the point, isn't it?

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It’s almost as if openly despising people alienates said people. Somehow our “best and brightest” haven’t figured that out yet.

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As the saying goes Rebekah: "don’t count your chickens before they hatch".

Do you remember the 2019 federal election? That one Shorten supposedly couldn't lose...

Polls can and do get manipulated to lull the other side into a false sense of security.

I am also not entirely convinced that the AEC is indeed the unbiased umpire they are supposed to be. Are you?

Either way, we'll know soon enough...

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…and remember what happened the last time we were bullied into something by the Australian government. I would bet the 'yes' vote has almost the very same group of rabid supporters as the 'vaccine'.

It wont be a miracle if the yes vote wins, it will mean the fix has succeeded. A friend of a friend who works in a certain relevant area of the government stated that it makes no difference what the vote is, the yes campaign will win. So, it may just be that the no vote needs a miracle, a miracle of so very many votes that the fix is underestimated, and fails. We can only pray!

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This article compliments a recent one by Alison Bevege. It's begs the question, how is the misinformation bill a boon for the corporate world? I can't work out the angle for the amount of dollars dropped by big business into the yes campaign. What's the short term gain for them? I don't see them playing a too longer game on this, given current global instability.


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Thanks again Rebekah, for giving also this matter greater context, and for revealing more of the subtle layered structure of the current affairs in the public domain.

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Thanks, as always, for your excellent independent, fact based journalism; something that is not available much in the MSM today. I noted with interest, even surprise, yesterday that Jacinta Price said the words “advice, advice, and advisory” appear nowhere in the referendum question or any of the documents that support the referendum. It seems Albo has been gaslighting us all, again, and it has stuck. Surely if it were to be an advisory body, it would say that in the proposal.

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Loved your article. One point. I assume you are not Australian, or that familiar with Australian politics. You called the Labour Party ‘left wing’. I stopped voting for them some years ago as they were no longer ‘left wing’. This is a rather big mistake. Apart from that,thanks for the article.

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I have voted no already at the embassy in Paris. There are no arguments except abuse from the yes campaign. I stopped watching Chris Kenny ages ago. His main arguments have been fatuous to say the least. We all want the best for all Australians. My feeling is that Labor government does not.

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In general agreement, but I have two caveats:

RB uses the phrase First Nations. This is a gift to the enemy, as it were., see also text from Josephine Cashman below on the importance of language. Because the phrase is imported I believe from Canada.

The point is twofold: Canadian native Indians/Indigenous formed groups of extended families, hence "nation" as I understand it, was much greater than the typical size of an Aust. Aboriginal tribe numbering in the low hundreds. The insinuation of "Nations" is thus that a largish number of persons had a common will.

Secondly, the word Nation is also used to mean modern nation-states, hence: national, nationalism, etc. So a First Nation is actually a nation state which is more moral and better for having been First and even more so because the evil whitefella has been preventing it from coming into being as a real state, with its own army, currency, borders etc. since 1788.:-)))But of course the flag already exists and flies from many whitefella buildings.

Taken in combination with the left-liberal mantra of "Always was, Always will be" and "Sovereignty (sic) was never ceded", the phrase First Nations is thus a verbal hand grenade with the pin pulled, and it is sitting in our laps if we use it, IMHO.

Cashman on her Substack: " The global practice of Indigenous Land Acknowledgment/Welcome to Country has gained significant attention in recent years.

While it is often presented as a gesture of respect towards Indigenous peoples and their connection to the land, there are sinister implications, at play.

This practice serves as a divide-and-conquer device, subtly conditioning the general public to accept the notion of separate First Nations.

Grooming us into becoming "global citizens" with no loyalty to our fellow countrymen; and no nationality; belonging nowhere.

With no allegiance to anything or anyone.

They are trying to sever the connection to our forefathers, our history.

They want to dismantle our connection to each other and our country."

Secondly. "conspiracy theory": I think this phrase, peddled by the CIA in the famous memo of early 1967 to discredit anyone who questioned the official story of JFK's death is quite engrained in the mind of the normie sheeple as meaning any narrative which government has condemned.

The Sheeple's neurons, such as they are, are now worn in such a mass media groove IMHO that any statement by us about nefarious secret planning (unless done by official enemies i.e. Iran,. N. Korea, China, Cuba. Belarus Russia) is automatically booked as conspiracy theory.

So I suggest we just use the word "explanation" instead.

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The sledging is what makes people think twice. It might be OK in parliament or in sports but it is not OK in general discourse, then it is just abuse. I copped plenty of abuse for not getting jabbed, but I did not expect it to become the norm this quickly. It really needs to stop because the children are listening and we are already in a domestic abuse crisis. If it is OK to abuse me, then it is OK for me to abuse paramedics or school teachers or my own loved ones.

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why do we suddenly need a voice, when we already have many? it will be used to put all the voices into one box, and silence voices from the many aboriginal nations in australia.

plus, i wonder who will collect the rent, so to speak? will it be the communities in the outback (i have heard many aboriginal friends call them prisons) or the half casts in the city, who already get special treatment?

it is also divisive. i was born here. i love this country too. why should someone who has a genetic link to past ancestors receive preferential treatment?

is you don't know, vote no.

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I resent being asked to vote on this. Do you want to change constitution with unknown long term consequences? Labour has trouble implementing anything of substance that adds value to Australians. That alone is a good reason for no.

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One of my sub-continental workmates asked me today, "Do I have to vote in this election?"

When I explained the difference between a *referendum* and an election, he answered: "The priest at our Sikh temple told us to vote yes. No-one has any idea what it is for."

I suspect that many of the "Yes" voters will be in this category too. Truly clueless and simply doing what they are told.

Vote "Yes!" No.

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Trump vs Clinton... All I can say is that every fta TV news station must be strongly in the hands of the left wing. Via twitter footage of rallies there was no energy behind Clinton and Trumpists were raging. There was no way that Clinton could win, and yet all our news stations promoted her - as if Australians could actually vote. #PalmsUpturned

I have this new idea that Indigenous left wing activists need Alice Springs to keep looking very dysfunctional, to keep bringing the money in. If I was a researcher in the field I'd look at changing disparities in Indigenous wealth/ses.

That previous paragraph is co-informed by a very guilt-inducing TV ad I saw last night. If it isn't effective at extracting Yes votes it's going to have a negative long term impact.

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The Voice Referendum is one of the major strategies to divert attention away from Australia transferring Half a Trillion Dollars to a failed US economy and the Covid19 jabbing tragedy.

Albanese is the worst Labor PM ever.

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