Great work Rebekah. It's disappointing, but isn't everything these days, that it takes citizens to do the basic due diligence work of our now corrupt and compromised institutions. If we can confirm that the DNA of our cells is being rewritten by these injections then it's a massive problem. Errors in our DNA will cause so many problems for people and their offspring. The result could be catastrophic. I am completely mystified as to why our institutions cannot perform their primary function? If we didn't know better we could almost think it intentional. Any time frame on the outcome of this case?

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You nailed it Rebekah, bad enough scenario if these treatments were voluntary, and now these potential harms have surfaced, we're in the situation where almost everyone was forced to take this muck. Deliberate and willful negligence.

The smart money knew once the government were implicated in forcing a genetically harmful poison, they will never admit fault, and stupidly double down, hoping the problem will go away.

Thalidomide was withdrawn pretty quickly after correlation was too strong between birth defects and the drug... The mechanism of harm wasn't known till many years later... Yet no such caution here...

Great work Rebekah

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DDU is the ONLY substack I read. I decided when the insanity unfolded and information overload doesn't help, to cut back even more on "news and comment" even though I have (almost) never owned a TV or listened to Money Slave Media (M$M). DDU to me, even though I thought of completely clearing the deck, remained the one that really tells me what I need to know and also gives me a good barometer of the resistance building potentials down under. It's also the only place I share my "pearls of wisdom" as we know where pearls belong and where they do not.

Thank you Rebekah for putting in the sincere and severe effort to do all the research, the consistency, the patience and perseverence ("Sabr" - a most extolled virtue!) as I know from over a decade of doing a very similar thing back in the day, it is a very rewarding effort but it also can come at great sacrifice to one's health and balance. I hope that your readers, all of us, will not be mere consumers but at the very least pass on these articles to others to read, and even better be more motivated to actually doing something (as you and some others clearly ARE doing) practical to build resistance.

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No-one has given valid consent to this medical intervention...

And major players in abusing consent are the medical profession, they're a tool that has been used by many evildoers in the past.

If the medical profession had spoken out and said "we can't do this, we can't do this under coercion, under mandates" it wouldn't have happened...but, apart from a persecuted few, they didn't speak out.

For more background, please see my recent email to Health Minister Mark Butler: https://vaccinationispolitical.files.wordpress.com/2023/08/reckless-disregard-for-voluntary-informed-consent-for-vaccination-email-to-health-minister-mark-butler.pdf

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Can you comments on the editor's note "*Editor’s note: Subject to ongoing comment from the TGA, reference to the BioNTech Investigator’s Brochure has been removed."

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"researchers now need to find out whether in vitro findings are replicated in humans."

Bravo. Correct. The ghouls at the TGA are covering up species-level extinction (us).

Edit: and may I just say, I am so so glad that others like Rebekah are covering topics like this. I was viciously deplatformed and unpersoned in 2020 for warning people about what was coming and have completely eschewed these topics. I essentially gave up because I could see that there was no way to stop it. Now I just focus on large-scale issues. I am not face-forward for a reason and it is heartening to see journalists really picking up the torch with a fresh perspective. Nice work Rebekah.

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Intracellular Reverse Transcription of Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 In Vitro in Human Liver Cell Line


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I'm running out of positive adjectives to describe your work, Rebekah; absolutely fantastic article! It is despicable that our so-called regulators have failed so spectacularly in their duty, and continue to do so rather than admit their errors. Each day I am more and more dismayed by the way this catastrophic situation is unfolding and wonder what it will take for sense to return to our institutions (will it ever?). We are living through a very dark time, but I take hope in the many good people (a substantial number of whom have subject matter experience) fighting to hold Big Pharma, our governments and our regulatory authorities accountable, and find out the true impact of these products.

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"...it will be years until the range of potential harms can be properly assessed."

I don't agree. It will become as self-evident as it was at the outset, the 1200 or more listed adverse events of special interest in the 6mo Pfizer trial results (2021). What may take years is the focussed intransigence of the participants and their nodding institutional dupes, although by the time the collective clowns face the gallows or the equivalent, I vouch to suggest that the choice of life should have become abundantly clear to the wider populace with little effort.

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"Regulators say there is ‘no evidence’ of all manner of safety concerns with the Covid drugs, but rarely (if ever?) offer evidence to disprove the concerns."


Another case of not wanting to look because you know what you'd find.

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Thank you for all the excellent work you are doing to uncover the truth, Rebekah. It WILL keep being revealed as you and all the other investigators keep shining a light on the harm that Big Pharma and all who are connected with them have been perpetrating on their fellow humans.

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Since you mentioned precautionary principle I thought you may find the Victorian governments Orwellian legislated definition interesting if not mind boggling.

Section 6 under our Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 (Vic)

"6 Precautionary principle

If a public health risk poses a serious threat, lack of full scientific certainty should not be used as a

reason for postponing measures to prevent or control the public health risk."


Compound this with the fact that they did postpone measures to prevent and control covid, namely begins with I and ends with censored, that were then and are now acknowledged to help.

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Death sentences for doctors, scientists, politicians, ALL Pfizer employees, cleaners upwards to CEO.

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C c.



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Once your DNA has altered by these dreaded experimental toxic jabs the recipients DNA is subsequently owned by the patent holder.

Too much activity on the web pages and not enough action !!!!

If we don't don't make a stand now.....It'll never happen.

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Now, am I alone in thinking that "Duty of Care" means that if you see someone by the side of the road, injured and potentially dying, you have a duty to stop and care for them?

I think not, I'm sure any natural person not removed from their natural human self would think so.


I attended a necessary examination for First Aid in Australia. The entire course was designed to allow you to be able to administer first aid, obviously. But early in the course, I think on the first day, the instructor told us in no unclear terms what DUTY OF CARE is, and that we need to understand it.

DUTY OF CARE means that IF you elect to provide ANY care, you are LEGALLY BOUND by the consequences such as failure to administer proper care. HOWEVER, if you elect to IGNORE the one requiring care and simply move on to let them suffer and die you are NOT LEGALLY BOUND by the duty of care, and there will be no negative consequences for you.

He shared this NOT as some wisdom he had discovered, or with ANY irony he shared it purely as a MATTER OF FACT ESSENTIAL INFORMATION ON THE ST JOHNS ADMINISTERED COURSE.

And do you think even ONE other of the around 20 Australiens along with me on the course felt this was bad? NO, not one voiced anything. I stopped him after he said that and was moving on to the next subject. I questioned this, saying that this seems like Duty of Care on its head. He simply said, no, this is the actual definition of Duty of Care, and evidently he did not see anything wrong with it.

This and I can give so many other examples of things that took place WELL BEFORE this latest new normal, were ALREADY the new normal, I do not know since when as I was absent from Australia while the population were cooked slowly like frogs already from the late 70s onward with ever accelerating exponential speed increase.

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