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Great post, Rebekah. It astounds me that just about everyone I know appears to have zero interest in talking about the colossal abuse we endured these past few years. Then again, perhaps it is not all that astounding when I consider that most people simply want to move on and forget about it all. This attitude utterly appalls me. Australia turned into a nasty, paranoid, totalitarian trauma center overnight, and instead of ignoring or downplaying this reality, people need to be on the streets with pitchforks. I will never let anyone forget what was done to us. We definitely need to come up with a plan to counter these abusive tinhat tyrants who, when not confining us to our homes, were aggressively herding us into 'vaccine' hubs to be jabbed with a barely-tested brew of noxious garbage.

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You mispronounced Queensland premier’s name. It is actually pile-of-shit

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Hi Rebekah, truly a masterpiece. Hopefully your story makes it to Steve, Alex, el Gato, Mark, 2nd Smartest Guy, Toby, Celia, Lioness, and all the rest up North.

We have been psychologically abused the worst here in Australia.

All trust in the police, health workers, doctors, government is lost.

Our heroes are Liam Jones, and a few writers like yourself. Peace

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Wonderful writeup, Rebekah. My favourite from SA Health was a Facebook post "COVID-19 vaccines have been tested, reviewed and approved, in exactly the same way as all other vaccines.”

Meanwhile on the TGA website we see "Under normal circumstances, TGA's assessment (for both provisional and general registration) begins once all information to support registration is available. For COVID-19 vaccines, the TGA has agreed to accept rolling data to enable early evaluation of data as it comes to hand." Ref: https://www.tga.gov.au/products/covid-19/covid-19-vaccines/covid-19-vaccines-undergoing-evaluation

And "The Therapeutic Goods Regulations were amended in July 2021 for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. Criteria #3 and #4 below are not required to be addressed in provisional determination applications for COVID-19 vaccines or treatments." Ref: https://www.tga.gov.au/resources/resource/guidance/provisional-determination-eligibility-criteria

Yep, exactly the same!!

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It's not only the govt. It's in-laws, employers, co-workers, and everyone who is in complete denial about their horrific behaviour

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Great work Rebekah. Thanks for recording the details of one of the most shameful periods of Australia’s history. The past has blurred and we have become desensitised to the tyranny that was imposed on our society. Your succinct account really provides clarity and focus on the many terrible and shameful actions by our politicians and bureaucrats. I’m in my late 60’s. Sadly I can’t get my children to see the issues. Please keep up the good work. Maybe you can get through to them. You have my full support and encouragement. More strength to you. Kind regards

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Hi Rebekah, do you think the 25+ years of uninterrupted economic growth before covid was responsible for making Aussies compliant and complacent?

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Comprehensive article Rebecca.

Your writing is so interesting and thoughtful as opposed to the MSM garbage machine of the TNN.


Your description of injured people and medical responses is 💯 Percent, as that was me in 2021 for 7 months. I had multiple heart, blood, ultrasound, tests but the myocarditis, blood clots, joint pain, dizziness, inability to balance, tinnitus, blackouts were never associated with the shot.

The medical system to me now are criminally insane. They after 7 months suggested a social workers psychological assessment which they never followed up on BTW after my second ambulance call out to emergency.

Being an alternative healer I had the skills to research and find the medicants after a doctor's visit where I faked another illness to get the appropriate drug to shut down the Ace2 receptor which led to my slow recovery.

I work in alternate healing and I have seen so many patients with similar stories to mine.

It's saddening but now I have the knowledge to usually progress them since my illness. They're appreciative as they often feel lost, abandoned, bamboozled by the hospitals.

Liz Hennessy interviewed my on my recovery...go here to see. My story and how I recovered from the Vax with self medication+ herbs.

These sites I made to educate provide answers for and with others regarding the politics of Plandemic and remedies to recover..to give hope.

Please share to those seeking answers to this deadly Govt /Pharma corporate totalitarian heist.


Background to the Plandemic


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The Sydney Morning Herald published (22 July 2022) an article on coercive control in intimate partner relationships. I quote:

“Coercive control is complex, is insidious and causes untold harm for its victims,” he said, adding that consultation was critical to avoiding overreach.

“Controlling what someone wears and who they see, limiting access to money, tracking their location and incessant texting and phone calls are all behaviours that constitute coercive control.”

What government measures were introduced during Covid?

“Controlling what someone wears” – mandatory mask wearing indoors

“and who they see” – no travel exceeding a 5 km radius, no more than 10 people at a funeral,

“limiting access to money” – get the jab or your employment will be terminated

“tracking their location” – mandatory QR code check in

So, if the government controls what you wear, who you can see, your location and how far you can go, that’s not coercive control?

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Brilliant article, thank you for writing it 🙏🏼. Many Aussies and West Australians are also suffering a severe case of Stockholm syndrome. We’re in a very nasty situation. May the light shine out though!

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Great post. The analysis of Scientism and Wokeism is very insightful. Subscribed! I was recently looking back at some posts on fb I had written about the Co-Dependency literature, copying here in case it helps your thinking on the abusive relationship angle...

This is extracted from "Codepenence: The 5 Core Symptoms" https://www.piamellody.com/pdf/CE_Summer2002_Pia.pdf

Difficulty Experiencing Appropriate Levels of Self-Esteem


Difficulty Setting Functional Boundaries

"A personal boundary system is an internal mechanism that both protects as well as contains an individual’s body, mind, emotions and behavior.

It has three purposes:

1) To help an individual prevent himself from being victimized

2) To prevent an individual from being an offender

3) To give an individual a sense of self"

Difficulty Owning Our Own Reality

"People who are codependent do not know who they are. They have difficulty recognizing and defining their own reality. Reality is defined as the following four aspects:

1) The body - How we look and how our bodies are operating

2) Thinking - How we give meaning to incoming data

3) Feelings - Appropriate expression of our emotions

4) Behavior - What we do or don't do"

Difficulty Acknowledging and Meeting Our Own Wants and Needs

People who have difficulty with this core symptom can fall into these four categories:

1) Too dependent: expect others to meet our needs completely

2) Anti-dependent: I alone can meet my needs

3) Needless/wantless: I am not aware of my needs or wants

4) Confuses wants and needs: attempts to meet needs with wants"

Difficulty Experiencing and Expressing Our Reality Moderately

This symptom is usually most visible to other people. Codependents usually have no middle

ground and appear to be extreme with their bodies, thoughts and feelings"

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I decided to fill in the material you omitted (possibly because of unfamiliarity), Rebekah. Thank you for this superb take on our governments' evils.


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The NZ government paid their media $55million to only promote positive stories about the vaccines and the government and to ignore the realities and the victims. I can only imagine what the Australian government has paid out to keep us little mushrooms in the dark. I for one now have a deep and lasting distrust of the government, the medical profession, the media and the police force.

Thank you Rebekah for you timely and outstanding comments.

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Really appreciate this post, Rebekah. We quote from it in our latest missive. So thankful for you and Maryanne Demasi. There are so few commentators in Australia who haven't been neoliberalised: https://artistasfamily.is/2022/10/18/assange-free-speech-youngtimers-and-bodily-autonomy-the-well-meanings-contradictions-and-harms-of-the-neoliberalised-woke/

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Great article.

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They walked on eggshells here in America because we have more guns than they know what to do with.

They tried to get employers to do it, but not all did.

Most of us just didn’t comply with their “rules” and no one had the balls to stop us.

My town government even refused to go by the “rules”.

After observing Australia I see how blessed we were here in the states.

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