I think this is what shocked me most. I could not grasp how compliant Australians were to state power, and even worse, how they would act as enforcers for state power. The hatred towards the non-compliant was palpable. At over 70 years of age, I experienced a serious loss of trust and faith in Australia and Australians, from which I don't believe I will ever "recover". I have to adapt my life to the realisation that Australians are compliant, cowardly and profoundly ignorant. I neither like nor respect my country or my countrymen any more.

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I was denounced to my employer by an anonymous "friend." as a covid denier, anti-vaxer and Russian propagandist. They demanded I be fired from my job for my opinions. Now, I don't have anything connecting me to my employer on my Facebook page and I never talk about my work, so that means it was one of my friends, someone who actually knows me and knows what I do. Fortunately for me, the fact that I have nothing online linking me to my employer meant I couldn't be fired. But I was warned. Hence why I write under an anonymous pseudonym now. I am subhuman.

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I suspect the following contributing factors:

1. Immigrants. Other the English and Yanks, most people don't have a concept of "freedom of speech", and "freedom of thought". Look at that prawn Arnold S. Look around the world: only English speaking countries have any real resemblance of freedoms - or used to.

2. People have too much to lose.

3. They have become soft in the head. I've encountered two Aussies - offline and online - who invoked China!

4. Many don't have the time and aptitude to read and question for themselves. I had one man in his 70s who questioned why would govts lie to us! And other, an immigrant, claimed that govts care for us!

5. I suspect many did not, and still don't, that these measures are different from prior ones.

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Not that I wish such bloodshed on you all down under, but one of the differences I see between the United States, Canada, and Australia is the latter two nation states didn't spring from a rebellion (revolution) or have another one later on, such as the American Civil War. For as nasty as each was, those were crucibles that have always tested the limits of government authority in the USA up to this point. Americans may end up in another civil war before all of this (not just the response to 'vid but everything else on the road to totalitarianism). I don't wish that on you all but sometimes breaking points happen. Or we Americans are just inherently more violent than Aussies and Canadians. Sniffy and the minions are a joke (or is it the Minions and Sniffy?). The U.S. government truly doesn't have the resources to fight a dedicated minority of its own people, even if 5% of the entire population would resist them with arms, that's a 15+ million person fighting force. Remember, we never gave up our guns, there over 300 million firearms and many many billions of rounds of ammo in this country in private ownership. The DC Swamp should think very, very carefully about lighting too many fuses at once. If things go kinetic, at some threshold a point is passed were nobody knows how it ends. Not good. for anyone...

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Aussies are very organized and clean, so they are doing a very organized and clean democide of their own population.

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Australians in general are gutless brainwashed compliant scared rules followers, it was very disappointing at the least to see all these cowards bow down to the state, considering we Australians HAD a reputation as independent carefree nation of don't fucking tell me what to to do.

I will only drink at one PUB in Perth- one that did not hoist the white flag - the 60/30 Tavern up in Clarkson full of working class Poms and Australians who saw through this scam from the beginning, IMO it was the educated UNI elite and middle class who blindly and stupidly complied ( in the main)

The owner let anyone vaxed or unvaxed eat and drink and his PUB was surrounded by WA Police many times who even shut down and locked patrons inside the establishment to check vaccine passports

I was and still am sickened by both the Police and Gov over this.

this will not stop until WE stop it, no one is coming to save us but most Australians are scared or blindly stupid to stand up to this tryany.

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