69 million Covid vaccine doses reportedly administered in Australia…and I suggest no valid voluntary informed consent for any of these shots.

People were pressured, coerced, manipulated and even MANDATED to submit to the injections - it’s not possible to get valid voluntary informed consent under such duress.

It’s so shocking that the medical ‘profession’ collaborated with these coercive/mandated medical interventions, in a supposedly free country.

See more in my substack article: MANDATED vaccination... NO VALID CONSENT! It's mind-boggling! https://elizabethhart.substack.com/p/mandated-vaccination-no-valid-consent

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Dec 14, 2023·edited Dec 14, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

That WAVSS report is a propaganda document. I clocked that the second I read it. The victors are writing history.

As to the 'disappearing WA mandates' I printed some off because I knew one day the government would deny it happened. It will take me a while to find them, but if anyone wants a copy I can look.


Emergency Management Act 2005(WA) Sec 67, 70 and 72A

Proof of Vaccination Directions

Signed: Christopher John Dawson

26 January, 2022 12:04 hr


Will digitise and upload

Not today, Satan!

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Hard man to find. Not sure if he is still there, archbishop trying to get rid of him, Fr Rowe St Annes Belmont. Worth a shot. Sorry Rebekah

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It was blatantly obvious that all inquiries by governments worldwide would whitewash all covid19 inquiries. One government department investigating another.same as the police and the judiciary doing a whitewash over any wrongdoing.. its a total disgrace.

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Dec 14, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

I read the article. I want to know this stuff.

But it makes me feel sick.

I know that avoidance is no solution. This was going on, and it will all happen again when it suits them. But I feel retraumatised just by remembering it...

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Dec 14, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

You cannot trust any history now or in the past when it is written by Governments or their representatives. So that means we cannot trust any of the history written in the last 200 years and definitely not the lies written about the Rockefeller meningitis vaccine causing Spanish flu emanating from American Military barracks in 2018 spreading into Europe with the troop movements.

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Ken, I don't believe our fake history is only confined to the last 200 years, while it is easier to verify such historical rewrites of recent period. The parasitic elites/ Rockefeller bloodlines who ultimately control the publishing channels had centuries to perfect their strategy. I think they play 3 dimensional chess while we play checkers. Modern Pharmacia Warfare is but a small part of their arsenal.

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‘Mandate’ just means forced. The surprising thing was how readily majority embraced being forced without any questions asked.

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Comment deleted
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By having to liquidate our assets prematurely before retirement we lost so much money and have doomed ourselves to poverty but we don't care. But maybe others did. It was the fear mongering that was the big tip off for us. Not our first rodeo, so I hope that all of the people have learned now not to do it again. There is a song my friend sings "I will never trust the government" It does have a certain ring to it.

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Dec 14, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

David Irving would be in awe of what the WA government has achieved with its 2022 vaccine safety surveillance report. It's only 2023. It took decades for holocaust denial to gain traction.

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I don't know how many of Irving's books you've read, but clearly he doesn't see himself as a holocaust denier, or antisemitic, since he sued someone for calling him that.

I don't know if you have read the judgement against him, (I've only looked at a summary) but do you now trust the courts as an authority on truth? There seems to have been an increase in baseless accusations of antisemitism recently. I wonder if this was an early example?

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Dec 28, 2023·edited Dec 28, 2023

I have zero trust in the bourgeois courts Jonathan. I can't recall that I ever had trust in them. My father, who was at one time a lawyer and who believed that holocaust stories were bullshit, taught me from when I was a small boy that the courts in the West are a pseudoauthority that can be bought by the wealthy and that exist primarily to do the bidding, and to cover the arse, of the powers that be.

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That sounds a pretty exceptional father! No surprise if you are more perceptive than normal!

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He was not a communist or Chinese but was fond.of pointing out that when courts were suspended in China during the time of the cultural revolution there, their society did not fall apart. He's deceased now and I miss him.but it's probably best that I not say what he advocated should be done with lawyers, after first putting them up.against a wall, along with international bankers etc.

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"History is written by the winners".

Now is the most dangerous time in recorded history, we are literally watching reality become fiction.😐🤨😤🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ if your not angry now, then how many injured/killed does it take?😐🤔🤨 #whatsYOURnumber

An SOS to all white hat hackers, all meme queens and kings of comments-

MAKE them remember EVERY word. EVERY threat, coercion and bribe. Spotlight every MANDATE, commercial not commercial, every emotional blackmail, every body RANSOMED. MAKE them cringe, in embarrassment, horror and shame. MAKE them wish memes had never been invented.😐😐😐🤨🎩🎩🎩🎩💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💣💣

#wearemany #wearememory #wewillnotforgive #mistakeswereNOTmade #getlocalised

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No jab, no play was first. Then, no jab no pay next for aged care workers. Health care workers have had to get useless jabs for years based on BS science ᵀᴹ. This causes me pause for thought https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/103018344

Also, the recent quashing of the conviction of the woman accused of murdering her babies. Cot death and SIDS had been linked to vaccination prior to 1993. See Viera Shiebners Vaccination book.

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An excellent book👍💯😉

It's interesting to note the lack of longitudinal data done specifically on aged care workers😉 much like the military data that falls under "defence secrets" blankets.😐🤐😤🤦‍♀️

Unfortunately your link provided is broken (404 error).

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Thanks, Barefoot. I just tried it again and no issues. Might be your browser needs cookies deleted or something? Try searching the girls name Rozalia Spadafora. Poor little mite.

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See Andrew Madrey's paper, demonstrating that in WA the rise in mortality followed the vaccines, just like every other country, except that in WA covid didn't arrive until 9 months later.

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Thanks for the correction. Yes, Madry's paper was about Queensland. I believe I've seen the same sort of thing about WA. Human memory, eh?

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WA you might be thinking of 2021 vax safety data, which essentially was a safety control group study


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George Milne and Julian Carrivick from Western Australia were Paid by both the Queensland and Western Australia governments and recommended Deliberate Spreading of Covid19 because the Jabs were not working. They estimated the Case Fatality Rate by age group, drawing on UK data and Worst Case Scenario.

I suggested that Rebekah might like to interview them. https://geoffpain.substack.com/p/australias-plan-to-deliberately-spread

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Why did you restack my article with the following note: "State Governments and Private companies in Australia have destroyed Jab Mandate records under instruction from the Federal Government."

I did not say that in my article. Do you have documentary evidence that the Federal government has specifically directed State governments and private companies to destroy evidence?


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Can't find the news article I recall seeing.

I'll do a proper search, meanwhile some references:

It is complicated by differences in State legislation and Federal Privacy Laws and also current versus former employee status.

Federal Law, which overrides State Laws, requires "personal information be destroyed or de-identified once it is no longer needed."

"If the information is stored electronically, such as in cloud-based storage, servers, USBs or with a third-party provider, you should ensure that the digital records are permanently destroyed, including in any back-up system or offsite storage."

Here are reliable sources for the order to destroy Mandatory Jab records.





Might be a good idea to contact a lawyer involved in Jab Mandate cases or class actions. The key phrase is "no longer needed".

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>Federal Law, which overrides State Laws

Not during a state SOE as we saw and was tested in court with regards to border closures and the constitution.

Also, those links you provided do not say 'the federal government gave the order to pull mandates and policies off state websites.'

The state mandates, policies and directions had nothing to do with personal vaccine information.

I feel that the original statement was misleading with regards to the content of the story with the specific phrase 'jab mandate records.' I do not think that has been demonstrated here.

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Thank you for the Umbrella report Rebekah.

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Dec 14, 2023·edited Dec 14, 2023

Canucks knew the turd wasn't interested in being investigated, so the citizens formed the National Citizens Inquiry and recorded testimonies from hundreds of people across the country. As the Inquiry was lived streamed, it was very worthwhile to compare to the shameful 'freedom convoy' police investigation the gubberment 'had to' perform, as part of invoking the Emergencies Act.

Even Stevie Wonder can see Trudeau et al are corrupt and run by WEF dictate. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms the bastards father created and signed has been trampled on by selected Liberal Party friendly judges.

Therefore, for the time being it's same ol same ol...but Hitler thought he was doing great for a while too. Klaus and his WEF club will meet the same fate. Check Sportbet for the O/U. ;)

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I appreciate your positive outlook. Nevertheless it took several allied countries to defeat Hitler: I wonder who you envisage riding to the rescue against the WEF?

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It won't be a WHO... mass unwillingness works, 'Ghandi time'

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RE: "Governments will try to retell history in a way that reflects kindly on them."

Speaking of leaving things out, some may remember Anthony Albanese's first words in his victory speech in 2022:

"I begin by acknowledging the traditional owners of the land on which we meet. I pay my respects to their elders past, present and emerging. And on behalf of the Australian Labor Party, I commit to the Uluru Statement from the heart in full."

And in his recent year-in-review video of Labor's achievements in 2023, there was no mention at all of the failed Voice referendum. (Technically speaking, squandering an estimated $450 million is not an achievement, so can be plausibly ignored.)

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Step 1 - Ensure you own people who regulate you

Step 2 - Ensure you own experts and media

Step 3 - Wildly exaggerate the benefits

Step 4 - Downplay all the risks

Step 5 - Only enter into contracts with zero liability

Step 6 - When it doesn’t work blame the unjabbed

Step 7 - When people get sick blame the sickness

Step 8 - Rinse and repeat

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Hi Rebekah, I believe there is more to this case than meets the eye and a grave miscarriage of justice may be underway. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.abc.net.au/article/103018344

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I remember watching Masky utter that statement “some kind of delayed reaction to Covid,” and thinking the same - but we got zero covid!!!

And the Press, once again, failed to call out WTF.

That statement can be considered one of the era's type example of gaslighting.

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Forgive and never forget.

We have to keep presenting these and other facts.

Never give up.

We'll win.

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