"We are the moral ones, the correct ones" they love to tell us. But "leaders" don't have a monopoly on morality and the people know it.

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So she thinks bullying and name calling, obfuscation of details, and no arguments of substance, will win the yes vote! We had better all be watching the polls like hawks to be sure no cheating takes place!

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Sep 13, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

We know from history that social workers and police dealing directly with indigenous people have had a record of not being on their side. This should not be made an issue at the referendum which deals with completely different issues. I think that Ms Langton is not seeing the full picture and does not see that the 'Yes' vote is a trap.

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Sep 13, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

If you can’t debate or argue a point, the fall-back position is RACISM.

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I watched Marcia Langton’s recent address to the Australian National Press club. I received an overwhelming impression that this was one helluva angry woman. Her style of speech and remarks were dripping with anger and intolerance against anyone who had a different opinion to hers. It was as if she was being emotionally driven by an overwhelming sense of grievance and hate for non-aboriginal people. The irony is that Langton herself is only partially of aboriginal descent – she would not exist if it were not for her non-aboriginal forebears. Maybe she is internally conflicted because of that. I note that she does not use an Aboriginal name.

If her address to the National Press Club was supposed to be one of generating political support for the ‘Yes’ case for constitutional change, then she failed totally. Not a skerrick of empathy for the conflicted situation of other Australians passed over her face – a face which was contorted in a mask of perpetual anger and accusation.

The essence of politics in a democratic system is to convince those who are unsure, or who may not necessarily agree with you, to come over to your side and support your agenda. In achieving this, Langton failed completely, and in fact, she must have created the opposite effect by repulsing many of the viewers – even amongst some of the po-faced fellow-traveller journalists who sat watching her speech.

The same syndrome of perpetual anger and grievance appears to drive the attitudes of so many activists of aboriginal descent in Australia – it seems built in. These activists also display a proclivity to insult non-aboriginal people and their forebears at every opportunity, such as the regular acts of defacement of statues of Captain Cook – a man of the Enlightenment who treated the native peoples of the Pacific with great humanity. Nasty acts such as these defacements only send a message of deep hate to non-aboriginal Australians – which of course is what is intended.

Perhaps the aboriginal activists are unwittingly reacting to being unloved, or having suffered abuse when they were children - and then as adults, they are driven to project their sense of hurt onto other innocent targets. Such childhood disruption events are known to create ongoing psychological effects in adults. The syndrome has been observed as common in many cultures that were once Hunter-Gather or tribal in nature, especially when led by an unscrupulous dominant ‘Big Man’. Inbred psychological damage such as this could help explain why, after the fifty-millennia of occupation of the Australian landmass, the hundreds of Aboriginal clans were never able to coalesce into larger political entities such as nations – or empires - in the way that the native peoples of other continents were able to achieve.

I agree with Rebekah’s observation – the net effect of angry people such as Marcia Langton is to repel people who might have otherwise had some sympathy for the aboriginal cause.

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Sep 13, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

Langton has joined the NO voter's with a clever reverse psychology campaign. 🤣

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Sep 13, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

Marcia Langton kinda said:

"I'm not rascist, but......"

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Lucky for me I was doing an arts course and did the opposite of everything they told me to do. I won the graduation award.

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Sep 13, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

How the hell does having racist beliefs not make you a racist? I don't see how you can separate one from the other. Can someone please enlighten me?

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To give any small group such a position of leverage that would easily bad actors to manipulate the Federal government goes against the fundamental tenants of the constitution - ie to limit power and enable transparent dialogue and due process....

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Oh this is delicious and becoming more so by the hour. No is the thinking person's vote. It's a no to racism, division, fabricated history and lies.

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You nailed it Rebekah..

Plus this is how tyrants sell their idea... Name calling, demonizing those against an agenda...

The government hasn't spent 365 million on a giant hug... Truly... this is an agenda, and I think it's even bigger than Australia, there is the overwhelming need for a treaty to be secured by the UN I suspect... For future plans...

You are NOT racist if you'd like DETAILS of a legally binding modification to YOUR RIGHTS under the constitution...

The voice can run WITHOUT being an intrusion into the constitution, which again enshrines ALL Australians rights in law...

Any modifications can be a loophole to OVERRIDE pre existing rights...

It's not just a matter of saying you feel bad for Aboriginals and all they've been through... I do thoroughly feel terrible for what they would have suffered in the past ... and even now in the communities. I also am proud of their resilience and love learning all I can about one of the last paleolithic living people's on earth, I am in awe of their skill and spirituality.

But I'll be voting "NO"

Because this is a Trojan horse for sure...

ATSIC was the same general ideals as the voice... The voice could run like ATSIC (hopefully without all the corruption this time)... No constitutional amendment required ...

The Voice most likely will be stacked with UN WEF WHO acolytes, next thing you know...

Mandatory vaccines for life (which will be short with mRNA kill shots) to "protect first nations people"

Climate lockdowns, and no car to "fix" the climate (lol) "to protect first nations people"

Paying a "first nations reparations tax" on your house, etc etc...

Your title, bought from the crown, suddenly may be subject to native title... and the UN will manage all native title lands on "behalf" of first nations people.

All monies will disappear of course and actual real Aboriginals will be worse off than ever as they'll see none of it.

The constitution modifications means treaty, effectively stating Aboriginals now give our government power over their sovereign lands (as long as easily corrupted VOICE members think it's okay, which they will $$) next thing you know One World Government, Pandemic treatys etc etc ... As now the government will be acting on BEHALF of the sovereign owners of the nation.

Signing us up for permanent emergencies, or any WEF, UN, WHO agendas...

The World Court which exists now (due to be a court of punishment in the future, and not a court of justice for punters like you and me) couldn't rule on an issue involving Australia back in 1993 as we are one of the few countries that sit in stolen land and have no treaty with original people, who are sovereign owners... This video from 1993 starts to point out where this plan started (regarding the world court and Australia)


The fact there is no treaty currently is one of the few aces Aboriginals have up their sleeve, and consequently an ACE for all Australians...

This talk of you're either "for" their suspicious constitution amendment or you are an evil racist reeks of desperation to WEAPONISE COMPASSION to get you to agree to something that seems FISHY ...

I've stopped trusting the agenda, and when Rio Tinto and Pfizer run CAMPAIGNS saying how much they want a YES, I get even more sus....

What's it got to do with them?

They're getting something out of it, or they wouldn't put money into yes ads, in fact they'd FUND a "no" campaign if they WEREN'T getting something out of it... and they'd stay out of it if they were getting nothing from it...

So sus...

You must also think this "Voice" push came out of nowhere, and all of a sudden is the most important thing ever, there is no need for a modification of our constitution to enact this... None whatsoever... Keep what little rights we have and vote NO.

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Why the surprise?

Marxism (and its many kith & kin) white-anted its way through the institutions, world-wide, long ago... and I - and possibly others - did nothing to stop it.

Coward-Piven & the Kalergi Plan are just two aspects of the rot in the system becoming apparent - or maybe not - to most. NDIS anyone?

Anyway, the 'consequences' of our lack of attention are now smacking us in the face, real time and as Tyson almost said, 'there goes the plan'.

There are no accidents in the Universe.

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Langton's recent comments occurred on the campus of Edith Cowan University which has policies against abuse, bullying and defamation. I wonder what the Vice Chancellor would think of this?

A bit of research found this, and it is a treasure trove of woke remarks that are pro-yes and very much creating a culture against anyone voting no:


"The University acknowledges that there will be diverse views on the Voice to Parliament within our community and remains committed to creating space for informed public debate that is respectful and true to our values."

Will he disavow? Are there univeristy policies against 'hate speech?' oh me oh my...quite the pickle!

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Stalineasy and his web of spiders attempt the dismantling of the Australian Constitution in preparation for the divine Marxist NWO 👏 You know, that one the Oligarchs will let the Dear Leaders control us with? This is the REAL Pyramid scheme... with a bloody great A.S.E. at top (All Seeing Eye).

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If she is well meaning with Yes and has a great vision, then I fail to see her winning by calling someone something? Why would you label someone something? Am I bias in thinking she is doing it from a position of weakness? I mean we are all grown ups after all. :)

She should be saying why she is on the yes side, explaining her position in great details AND not attacking people.

She is on the yes side AND yet she is attacking a portion of the population. How is this uniting us?

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