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One must give credit where it is due. The main area in which the McGowan Labor Government has done extremely well was its far-sighted and successful operation to gradually infiltrate the once-great Liberal Party with its own political fellow travellers. In doing this, it was thus able to turn the Liberals into a rabble of political eunuchs – now made up mainly of careerists, opportunists, warm & cuddly feel-gooders, complete nonentities, and other assorted lobotomised castrati. These people now control the destiny of the Liberal Party as it plummets to the final phase of its life cycle – political oblivion.

Of course this has occurred in all Australian states, but the McGowan Government was the most successful in demonstrating it mastery of political action by destroying its main opponent by coming in through the back door. It is a tragedy that this has facilitated the unopposed rise of the political class that is causing the worst degradation of public health in modern history – the poisoning of millions of Australians with a dangerous and inadequately tested novel genetic agent, the mRNA injectables.

I live in hope that eventually justice and an enraged and much wiser populace will put the enablers of this disaster behind bars for the rest of their miserable lives.

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Maybe I missed it, but no questions on the efficacy or safety of the "vaccines?" Or spikes in all-cause deaths since the vaccines were rolled out?

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I smell. a whitewash. The cover up must be failing.

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Thank you for your excellent journalism Rebekah. The whitewash inquiry needs to, in my opinion, be presented with the Cleveland Clinic data showing that the jabs increase COVID-19 infection rates. The whitewash inquiry also needs to be presented with the class switch to IgG4 study and others that have supported it. The role of IgG4 in tumour clearance suppression and cancer promotion needs to be made explicit for the dumbfucks running the inquiry. The implications for the future impact on mortality and morbidity and the burden on the healthcare system needs to be spelt out. All of this needs to be linked back to the decision to impose the mandates and demands need to be made for heads to roll!

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Tie a piece of rope into a noose and send it to them.

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Nice work. I will not be submitting a response for the following reasons: the inquiry is a sham, it is gamed to produce a result that it already known, and it is being used to gather evidence about dissenters in Western Australia for nefarious purposes which will be released to the public under FOIA for further social punishment.

For those of us who are heavily monitored and already had our lives ruined by this government, there is no benefit to providing a submission. However, I would encourage those who are vaccine injured to provide a response. I have done years of heavy lifting in the political arena and I'm not doing it anymore https://vicparkpetition.substack.com/p/genocide-denial-now-occurring-in

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Masks is that they have shown to have an adverse effect on health by stopping one exhaling the CO2 etc which should properly be emitted. Secondly, the chemicals and plastics contained in the masks have adverse health effects especially if worn for long periods of time with people inhaling directly into their lungs toxic chemicals. On a social level they are completely dehumanizing and demoralizing. One cannot communicate effectively as a human being to another human being whilst being masked. It robs a person of their identity, individuality and even personhood. It is a symbol of submission and fear and was used primarily it seems to make people afraid! And it worked!

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A lot of people saying they won’t make a submission because they fear some sort of retribution!

I don’t think they’ve thought this through, unless we stand and speak while we can we are doomed to worsening tyranny.

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Thank you for sharing this information, I will definitely be putting them on notice. Hoping to catch you next week at topolinis. I need to talk with you in private, you can contact me via my website www.dawnkelly.com.au

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Backward look on previous events proves that few ,if any politicians had any idea on handling pandemics and piecemeal states blindly dived in using the theme of SAVING people from unknown viruses backed by greedy PR firms who boosted the governments fame and their personal bank accounts All the lockdowns masks achieved was economic failure for many small business with no compensation from governments for covid repression The people have been deluded by irresponsible leaders who will never admit it but people still have to live with the damage done

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Hi Rebekah - I have drafted a lengthy response and will be submitting, but what are your thoughts on our beloved government adopting the same capricious attitude to submissions as they took against the unjabbed and anyone daring to challenge their narrative this whole time. Do you have any fears of reprisal?

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For many people, the totalitarian response to COVID-19 has done irreparable damage to their trust in governments and key institutions. This destruction of social capital will come back to bite these governments and institutions, and society more generally. As I said to my employer regarding the vaccine mandate, if you want me to volunteer to do anything in future, you can forget it; you will need to coerce me.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recently selected me to complete the Monthly Population Survey. According to the latest explanatory letter, "Australia's labour force statistics are produced from this survey, including the national employment and unemployment rates. These statistics are published on a monthly basis and will also help to measure the social and economic impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19)". If they want this information they will need to compel me. If they do compel me, the information I provide will be of no value to them.

A little while ago, I was out for a walk when I was stopped by police. They were seeking information about some other people who had reportedly been seen in the area. I told them to f*ck off (twice) and kept walking.

These are just two small examples of what can happen when governments and institutions destroy social capital. I will neither forgive nor forget what they did, so they'd better get used to it.

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Everything the government told us about Covid 19 from it's origin, its pathogenicity, how the virus spreads, who was at risk, what constituted a Covid case (ie the PCR test), the vaccines- their safety and efficacy!- natural immunity not being sufficient, efficacy of masks, the need for lockups, social distancing, contact tracing etc was false and much of it was known to be false at the time it was being peddled.

In other words the government lied to us and/or the government just parroted the WHO and the US health authorities without verification of the claims- unlike Sweden- which adopted a pragmatic and reasoned response- with much better outcomes all round!

None of what we were told was based on science or evidence!

And there was no consideration of the medium to long term impacts of these totalitarian and anti human policies on health (physical and mental) education or the economy. We are suffering from these impacts now and will likely do so for many years.

The jabs have caused harm and death which the government still ignores. These jabs have been the most dangerous drugs ever let loose on the public according to most credible authorities, including Philip Altman.

The long term health impacts of these shocking jabs (not vaccines) are not known but they could be even more catastrophic than what we see now with excess mortality at rates never seen before and a new disease called "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome" which sees otherwise healthy young adults drop dead apparently for no reason! Not to mention the harms and deaths seen in children who are dying of stroke and heart attacks after being jabbed! The government continues to ignore these impacts.

Our basic human rights such as freedom of movement and speech were quashed overnight.

Our freedom of bodily autonomy and freedom to decide one's own medical treatment were effectively denied in breach of the Nuremberg Code and basic medical protocols.

The government used private media to shut down debate and dissent so that only one false narrative was sent out to the public.

People were vilified or even lost their jobs if they questioned the false mainstream/government narrative.

The public was exposed to and forced to take an experimental and dangerous gene therapy without informed consent, in breach of our fundamental human rights as well as the NC.

The damage to our democracy (or what we had of it) and the loss of basic, fundamental liberties is incalculable. The people should no longer have any confidence in their government or public institutions.

How could one possibly be critical of the government's response!

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Why would they want to hear a different opinion now?

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There's no hope for the Western Australia of Mark McGowan. The Mark McGowan doesn't listen to us even if you protest the police got you in gaol. Mark McGowan even if you write a long letter doesn't listen to us, McGowan.

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The only thing missing in the McCoward photo, is him sniffing himself Bidenesque like.

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