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Thanks. Rebekah.

I wrote:

Ticked >> The advertising of the therapeutic good is misleading

Ticked >> Other concerns

All the covid-19 vaccines used and being used in Australia clearly breached and continue to breach the Australian Consumer Laws with respect to their safety and efficacy claims. Specifically, on merchantability and fit-for-purpose grounds.

Of course, I used my real name and email. However, I gave them our disconnected landline!

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This ad: https://youtu.be/_uzndNEHpAI

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I shall be lodging reports for all the mRNA big pharma shots

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Unbelievable 😵‍💫, love the comments!

If you get a chance, watch this Mathew Crawford interview with a guy claiming to be an ‘expert’. His arrogance in spite of how MC schools him highlights how we got to this point and how hard it is going to be to turn the tide


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I have just lodged a complaint regarding false advertising of the COMIRNATY product by all Australian Governments, Federal and State, and their Heath Ministers and CMOs regarding 1/ false claims of safety and efficacy and 2/ failing to disclose the major financial conflicts of interests of the TGA.

Love your work, Rebekah

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Why waste your precious life's time on Archon like deception.


The deception educate file.


The daily awareness: Gerard

Ok this is my initial take. You've got to ask

The ultimate

1. Do you fear dying more than living?


2. Do you understand the psychology of psyops 🛸mass fear 👽conditioning mind entrainment✡️🏦

The Self

3. Are you a free thinking being with a rational mind and a emotional self and a spirit awakened to your version of the Eternal?

The daily meditation

....if your answers YES continue on second by second day by day in ONE's conscious life. 💯% Death to fear welcoming LIFE JOY NATURES BEAUTY . Sophia's consciousness is your consciousness. xxx

My story The Vaxed awakening interview zoom Liz Hennessy


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perhaps the TGA can let us know what is in these 'vaccines'

a microbiologist in NZ has had a look amongst others - and yes its quite disturbing, the images he supplied via electron magnifiers

nanotechnology and graphene oxide

and yes the nanotechnology appears to react to 5 G towers

go to 49 minute mark, the pictures are quite disturbing

why is no one but no one in the MSM asking ONE question???


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