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50 reasons to vote NO. Courtesy of Quadrant online:

1/ Because you still can

2/ Because you’re sick and tired of woke

3/ Because BHP shouldn’t have opinion on anything except digging stuff out of holes

4/ Because Wesfarmers has no business giving $2 million of shareholder cash to the Yes camp

5/ Because every Yes-backing sporting code in the country has been bought with grants and handouts

6/ Because Albanese & Co can’t or won’t explain what they have in mind.

7/ Because you don’t approve of Melbourne being renamed Narrm

8/ Because, sooner or later, the High Court will get involved

9/ Because the High Court has been known to indulge in judicial ratbaggery

10/ Because Australians need their very own ‘Bud Lite moment‘

11/ Because the National Press Club tells us we should

12/ Because the ABC and Nine newsrooms will be awash with tears if Yes loses

13/ Because a No victory will prompt the gnashing of teeth and rending of garments at The Guardian

14/ Because you’re sick and tired of being called a racist

15/ Because Dan Andrews wants it and so does Victoria’s empty-suit opposition leader

16/ Because you’ve never given an Aborigine infected blankets

17/ Because you’ve never distributed poison flour

18/ Because the Massacre Map isn’t history, it’s elements of truth larded with a lot of agit-prop

19/ Because you’ve been silent about too much for too long

20/ Because you don’t need welcoming to your own country

21/ Because, if you’re a New Australian or recently descended from such, what harm did your ancestors ever do an Aborigine?

22/ Because Bruce Pascoe

23/ Because it was fun to hear Linda Burney’s slurred mispronunciation of ‘Aborishnial’, but the novelty has worn off

24/ Because a No victory will do serious harm to Anthony Albanese’s leadership

25/ Because Anthony Albanese will have a target on his back

26/ Because few things are quite so amusing as watching comrades counting numbers, sharpening knives and lopping heads

27/ Because a No win will make Marcia Langton more irate than usual

28/ Because, unlike gender fluidity and other noxiously fashionable memes, the Voice is the one woke narrative you can stomp

29/ Because your blue-haired niece caused a scene at the last Christmas dinner

30/ Because, if you have no black blood whatsoever, you’ll have only slightly less than some Voice campaigners

31/ Because, as Salvatore Babones notes, at this rate we’ll all be Aborigines by 2080

32/ Because scholarly, accurate but unsettling accounts of Aboriginal life and customs are being removed from library shelves

33/ Because we shouldn’t be having this referendum in the first place and, Yes or No, race relations and resentments will be worse in its wake

34/ Because Noel Pearson’s constant insults deserve a ballot-box rebuke

35/ Because Noel Pearson is always ready for his closeup

36/ Because a Voice won’t stop what’s happening every night in Alice Springs

37/ Because Aborigines don’t trace the bulk of their lineage to Malaysia, the Philippines, Nuie, Vanuatu and Singapore

38/ Because you’re weary of being told how to think

39/ Because your kids are being taught what to think

40/ Because Pat Dodson refuses to remove his hat in the Senate

41/ Because bar associations, undoubtedly aware of the potential for lucrative litigation, are backing Yes

42/ Because the voting booth makes you immune to doxing, cancelling and workplace retribution

43/ Because of the newly legislated shakedowns by WA’s ‘indigenous cultural consultants’

44/ Because you’ve endured enough politically correct lectures from self-righteous dills to last a lifetime

45/ Because a clan pursuing a subsistence existence is not and never was ‘a nation’

46/ Because ‘a story the aunties told me’ isn’t reliable primary-source material

47/ Because you’re unfashionably normal

48/ Because normies are no longer found in newsrooms, on government benches, in academia or amongst senior public servants

49/ Because you remember the waste and disgrace that was ATSIC

50/ Because those vending lies know you recognise them as lies but insist you become complicit in their charades and falsehoods

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The Trojan Horse argument is the strongest for me. After reading about the incredible damage so called "co-governance" has done to New Zealand, it seems to me the whole Voice proposal is geared from globalist sources to inflict similar damage on Australia.

Yes there are problems, many long-standing, but this is the exact opposite of anything remotely like a solution.

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I will vote no simply because it involves trusting the government and I will never trust the government again.

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This is a labour safeguard. They think they can control what the voice decides. It won’t be a left/labour concern, but it will be for the liberals.

They would be blocked at every turn. I also believe it’s about reclaiming land & water just as is happening in NZ.

Cranmer does a lot on what’s happening in NZ. I can’t find the articles, and not sure they came from him, but you have groups of Māoris strong arming small businesses saying it’s Māori land and telling people to leave.


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Great piece. If the thing they want you to buy needs THIS much advertising, THIS much of a sales pitch, from THIS many people THIS often for THIS long … maybe they’re trying to sell you a frickin’ lemon. Rebekah, you no doubt saw the farce here in Perth about the tree planting initiative that was scuppered by some “native title” scam artists - Collard family scam artists Inc - or the Mitchell Freeway highway extension “smoke ceremony” debacle … it seems even the mainstream media is starting to realise what an absolute farce this whole contrived thing is.

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Let's not get complacent. Polls can be misleading...and often on purpose! We all remember (hopefully) the 2019 election. It's extremely important to remember that the AEC is NOT an unbiased umpire and they are the gatekeepers. https://www.smh.com.au/federal-election-2019/morrison-sought-a-fight-with-shorten-and-landed-a-knockout-blow-20190518-p51oqj.html

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I’m in a a similar position to Rebecca. I’m the sort of person/demographic that would normally vote yes and I am supportive of the idea, but without details it’s a big NO for me.

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Great article series Rebekah, I won't repeat my objections to the voice from other comments I've made, except to say the push to alter our constitution with NO DETAILS given us a dangerous threat to having our personal rights (what little we have) further taken away, this includes Aboriginal personal rights as well, and I fear they'll be the scapegoats for radical WEF ideals that will be slipped in with the voice (I repeat, NO DETAILS are given as to what constitutional amendments will be... they just desperately want you to agree to it, so they can enact what they want to enact)...

A national mRNA vaccine mandate, to keep first nations "safe", a gigantic land tax or grab for "reparations" (of which Aboriginal people will see NONE of the cash or benefit), a further climate tax to keep our nation pristine for future first nations people etc. etc.? I think this will be a gateway to any WEF interest.

So far as a voice to parliament, none of this needs a constitutional change, a voice to parliament has almost similar written aspirations as ATSIC,

ATSIC: "to ensure maximum participation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in government policy formulation and implementation; to promote Indigenous self-management and self-sufficiency; to further Indigenous economic, social and cultural development"

ATSIC, despite its corruption and failure, did not require a constitutional change to enact the same ideals, so WHY modify our constitution this time?

A smokescreen for WEF/UN/WHO agendas...

Think it far fetched? A FOI re ASIC (yes I mean ASIC now for this example the Australian Securities and Investments Commission) has suddenly stepped outside its charter, and is unduly influencing and coercing parliament to adopt WEF goals, well outside its charter as a regulatory body, and business law enforcement arm.

Great investigative journalism on this matter here, the first six minutes sets up what is going down (if you're time poor)... Whole report is great.


If you haven't already seen this Rebekah it's worth knowing, this is exactly where the voice will be used to overstep its charter, and because it's enshrined in the constitution, we'll all have no legal basis to fight.

The way our constitution was usurped to use work mandates re forcing experimental (known to be deadly) tech on employees, was looking at a loophole to do something immoral... I get the same sense re the voice... It's not about Aboriginals at all...

Yes, I do believe Aboriginal people deserve much better, yes I agree Australia was invaded, and horrific things were done, by British Govt, Soldiers and Govt representatives... I note not every white person did such deeds and many came out here themselves as prisoners and slaves, abused and treated terribly, such is the complexity of history... further settlers arrived over time with little to no knowledge of the horrors and displacement of native people.

Aboriginals were pushed to the fringes... Not only the land fringes, but societal fringes too.

Aboriginals do deserve recognition, and yes, some sort of compensation, but the Voice is not about trying to fix any of this, it will not give an actual "voice" to Aboriginal people... It will give a voice to WEF interests almost certainly, and give them legal grounds to usurp your constitutional rights in my opinion.

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This is just another of the labor ploys to turn the country communist. Along with digital id, and smothering free speech so only the government allowed to say what’s true. All the‘misinformation’ supposedly wrong has turned out to be true. The government was feeding the‘misinformation’!!!

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I too have read about the damage occurring in NZ . I'll try and find a link. I'm also old enough to remember when Zimbabwe ( Rhodesia ), and South Africa were affluent first world countries under British (white) rule. They were given autonomy and quickly degenerated into tribal warfare. These countries are now failed states. South Africa barely has any electricity or running water.

Many white South Africans and Rhodesians immigrated to Australia, after they had farms and businesses taken from them and many white people were murdered.

Aboriginal people did not live in paradise when the British arrived, this fallacy needs to be exposed. Life was hard. Early settlers wrote about the constant violence, women beaten to death and left where they died. Naked people huddled under a piece of bark in freezing rain. In an era when 50% of white people born, died before they were five years old. What were the chances of an aboriginal baby surviving when his mother was nomadic, without clothes or covering and having to look for food every day? Punishment was a spearing in the leg. What are your chances as a nomad of getting to water or finding food if you can't walk ?

I believe Aboriginal people were fortunate to have the British come, rather than the Germans, Dutch, Spanish or Portuguese. History shows this did not work out well for other indigenous peoples. I write this as a fifth generation Australian of German descendant .

I will be voting no.

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"Vote yes for gay marriage" they said. "Ok", we said. Now we have mentally unstable men wanting to share locker rooms with our daughters and steal their titles. You give them an inch...

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Campaign strategy for the normies: “You wore the mask, because you’re gullible. You took the jab, multiple times, because you’re gullible. Now just vote ‘yes’...”

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In WA we're already seeing how the local version of the "voice" will work - or more specifically, how it will not work and will result in complete paralysis and chaos. Since the Aboriginal Heritage Act was enacted on 1 July 2023, certain councils have been prevented from replacing street trees on the road verge as the local Aboriginal heritage officers won't approve anything. The whole thing stinks of a rort.

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As an "expat" sadly out of touch, this is the first I've heard of "The Voice". How Australian to have named an important proposal to change the nation's Constitution after an internationally franchised TV talent show! Or that the latest opportunistic twerp posing as Australian Leader would be "affectionately" and ridiculously referred to as "Albo": "Elbow" would be more apt!

Three years ago I probably would have voted "Yes"; I no longer have the right to vote in Australian elections (for two years, as an unvaccinated citizen, I no longer had the right to visit the country of my birth). Once, I might even have gone along with "Pay the Rent". Now I suspect the noblest of causes of being a Trojan horse for the techno-totalitarians. Everything good has been perverted; perversion promoted to The Good. The "COVID" hoax, followed by Ukraine and the modern-day myths of "Climate", Trans and Woke... A series of scams/induced psychic epidemics/mass formations designed to destabilize the population and facilitate an ever-greater concentration of wealth as a means towards total control of humanity. Black, Green, Red, Pink, Rainbow or White... useful idiots all.

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Rather than dealing with the real issues, like the economy, which adversely affects indigenous people, they focus on a piece of inane legislation designed to create racial disharmony. We keep voting this inept people into office.

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But the Yes campaign seem so sure that it will succeed. Infact, so sure that I am wondering if my faith in the processes overseen by the AEC will be sufficiently robust in order to deliver a result (either way) that truly reflects voter intentions. I am genuinely wondering if they already know something that we don't (or perhaps we do know about - potentially at least - but through gritted teeth we outwardly do not wish to discuss or even contemplate).

And no, if the Yes vote gets up you will not see me in the street protesting the result citing fraud, but I have to admit, I will certainly be thinking of the possibility quietly to myself.

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