Great summary of highlights, well-written.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is the superstar for me. Her support for Christianity is her reaching for a solution to the cut flower syndrome, trying to find a way to re-energise western civilisation that is falling apart and under attack. I think its a wrong turn to the past however. The great elements that make our society what we know and love do not come from christian religious doctrine but from Enlightenment principles. Failing to respect the limits of multiculturalism is the root problem. Extremist multiculturalist dogma is the cancer at work and Christianity is not the antidote to that nor will it revitalise our civilisation. Ayaan has a brilliant mind and is the bravest person there is.

I liked your description of Michael Schellenberger's talk. He is right about the narcissists and cluster B histrionics of the left both in the climate hoax and also the BLM attempted race war brownshirts. He is wrong about nuclear energy however. It is a logical fallacy to say on the one hand carbon is not the problem (i agree it is not) but then to say nuke power is the answer (to a non-problem?). Is this a bait and switch? Nuclear energy is not clean or cheap and is always a problem not just because of the weapons and pollution potential but because human beings are fallible and have short memories and cultures. Australia is just over 200 years old but plutonium is deadly, carcinogenic and terratogenic for many thousands of years. Tech and money like nuclear energy as its an industry to profit from and make careers in - but there is no need for an answer if the question itself is not a problem. Carbon just makes plants grow. It doesnt drive climate. That whole carbon hoax was another hysteria snowball kicked on by dodgy science, crap reporters and faulty computer models, IMHO.

Great summary, good you went! On to the next conference at UNSW, the ASF

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I love this Rebekah, thanks so much again, you’ve been an absolute shining light throughout all of the darkness!!

The way I see it, we simply have no choice but to further peel back the layers protecting and concealing the oligarchs pulling the strings, we have the people power and we must unite to defeat those that wish to control us through fear and division. Of course none of this crap from climate change to woke gender BS makes any sense, that’s the whole point, create division, confusion, keep the slaves fighting and keep making profit to further their psychopathic agenda.

Education of the masses (who largely have been partially lobotomised since birth through controlled de-education or whatever term you like) is clearly the only way out, but how do we do this on the large scale needed?

While the oligarchs and Malthusian wannabe aristocrats own and control the vast majority of information flow through the media and influence over governments and therefore policy and lawmaking how are we going to see any positive change?!?

Not trying to be defeatist or negative, just feel this is the key that we need to try to unlock?!

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All I'll say, and I do hate to be negative as you've done some great reporting, is that these people are very much controlled opposition, many of whom without even knowing it. Sir Paul Marshal is Soros all the way, im sure many of the speakers will be completely unaware of that provable fact. He sits right at the top The ARC. I also wouldn't trust Peterson as far as I could throw him and Konstantin Kisin is really not your friend. Just for starters I suggest looking up what Peggy Lee has to say about the ARC, It might change your perspective. Likewise, you may form a different opinion after watching, but watch you must. All of these guys are just false flag shepherds I'm afraid.

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These sound like excellent cherries.

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I'd guess the ARC is the big coal/oil/ag/family-values team fighting against new energy/food/pedophile world - it's a power maintenance exercise.

It's like, which mafia do you want to get behind?

Forgiveness without acknowledgement and contrition is self-damaging.

Feeling better about the breaks by sprinkling gold on it is a nice sentiment for AFTER the acknowledgement, contrition, and where necessary, conviction.

The conference recognising through the poet that people aren't persuaded by facts and logic doesn't give me a positive presentiment for the solidity of rational basis behind the propagation of the organisation's goals.

Nuclear - waste, damage to people.

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Catching up on all of these, thank you for covering and sharing. Will note that the link to the Warren Farrell's speech has since been changed, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE2mBQ7Q9HA

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Did you get a chance to read what I've published about the source of ARCs funding and staff, Rebakah? What are your thoughts about Shellenberger being in a court case with the same people who are funding ARC/Legatum? Seems like the Serpent eating its own tail to me!

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I wonder if Jordan Peterson thinks shilling for genocidal Zionists whilst working for a media organization funded by the State of Israel is an act of responsible citizenship?

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Well done Bek and thanks for your huge efforts to get over there from Australia to suss out the vibe. It seems to me that many people in the 'freedom movement' are in some sort of time-swaddled tech-addictive 'echo chamber' where opinions are formed, in fleeting miniseconds, on such things as 'Arc', based on two or three algorithmn-delivered social media posts by known names and faces.....that most people are too busy (checking tiktok, twitter, telegram, rumble, rss, instagram, facebook, groups, and non-groups of lists and mailings....too busy in a dystopian digital doom loop) ... Too busy to slow down and assimilate information in a slow and organic manner, and slowly and gently take in (or not) the information that they seem to be searching for.

zeebra.org is the brave defenders of society, strong, protecting, not in disguise.

Again, thank you.

And thanks the other 'freedom fighters' who are trying to build new systems for democracy and freedom of expression, freedom of communication, freedom of movement,

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