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If we have learnt nothing from the last 3 years, if the government want something so badly, it is only to enact something that will not be good for 99% of Australians, particularly first nations people. It will however, be 100% excellent for the elites.

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The so called Voice is meaningless while the Pandemic treaty will empower the head of the WHO Tedros with more power than Australia's government in Canberra.

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I applaud the mature and unbiased take on the subject. Sadly, the bulk of this debate has been a sensationalised, biased mess that degrades the entire country, and it’s dawned on me that the entire point of the Voice campaign must simply be to lead to this ... why else am I now being bombarded round the clock by some pathetic ad campaign centred around an aboriginal youth wondering if he will even have a Voice in the future without this magical referendum ... as if he’ll be sent off to a camp in a train for “processing” on 15 October if the nasty racists get their way. Absurd, childish, pathetic and bloody desperate.

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Voting “yes” on the voice is akin to lining up for your 5th mRNA booster. You’re demonstrating a total inability to think critically. I honestly don’t know how you got out of bed in the morning.

The proposal doesn’t stand up to 1 nanosecond of scrutiny. It’s honestly beneath consideration and an insult to intelligence.

Ironically - Albanese has been telling one truth the entire time: “efforts to help the indigenous Australians to date haven’t worked.”

I’d like to see politicians held to account for the billions wasted to date before any vote is held.

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Whatever happened in the past in not my fault unless I actually participated in the particular incident that did wrong to anyone. There is no logic in the Uluṟu statement just a bunch of adolescent grievances that are perceived to have happened.

Whilst our ancestors may have sinned - that’s their sin not mine or this generation’s.

How more bureaucracy and changing the constitution will forgive sin is totally beyond me. No one has demonstrated how the Voice will meet the needs of the 20% who do not enjoy prosperity or assimilation.

Aboriginal culture is not particularly noble and is very violent. Women do not enjoy equality or care.

Colonialism brought the Christian religion with its core of forgiveness, equality and respect and worship of a single, creator, redeemer God.

Forgiveness is sorely lacking. How many times do we need to say sorry before we are reconciled?

There is no such thing as national guilt or national redemption just personal guilt and forgiveness.

Indeed are we now going to have feel guilty about out national royalty - the descendants of convicts and felons that came out here as punishment?

Lastly the definition of an aborigine needs to tightened up.

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A Yes vote is an emotional, virtue signaling, society dividing, grievance eternally milking, low information default go along to get along, elite consolidating vote.

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Not sure if anyone has noticed this obvious point before but-

The 'YES' campaign referendum is not a choice. You cannot vote NO to a YES campaign. It was already decided in the title.

What you can do is ignore it as the distraction that it is.

It's as bad as the gay marriage distraction, the word marriage means the union of a man and a woman under God.

For fucks sake people.... It's all bullshit.... Every, Single, Thing, is bullshit.

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Update on the ballot counting sitch: as of yet AEC have not invited me to participate despite still 'desperate for workers' and me saying that I will work graveyard shift anywhere and I am willing to do any job going with the utmost faith.

Sigh. I tried fam. You get what you get at this point, I am very sorry.

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Great article, and I like that you have highlighted the nuances, and picked 3 different examples who cover a wide range of positions (all of them thoughtful and considered).

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The Yes vote seems to consist almost entirely of some misplaced guilt whereas the No vote has legitimate concerns over the lack transparency and detail. The No vote also notes that it will give a small minority extra political power, power that could ultimately be weaponised by other interests.

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odd and telling:

how is the membership of the voice to be determined?

seems like that would have been public and obvious to everyone long before now.

I have looked and it is still difficult to see anything published on that aspect of the idea

similar to censorship and who decides what the truth is for us.

who decides and how do they decide who is in the voice?

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Great article (read it on Umbrella at the link) thank you

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One thing the Aboriginal people inadvertently or intuitively got right is that a photograph (camera, phone, screen) can steal your soul.

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Clearly the current voice that Indigenous already have to parliament is not working - despite a 30+ BILLION spend per annum.


We were also told a "Sorry" would heal wounds....... no that did not help.

Parliament does not need MORE voices!

It needs EARS!!! to start listening — they have been screaming at us for years. It's time we listened - especially to all the women who endure so much

"Yes" for yet another talk fest won't help anyone.

Jacinta Nampijimpa Price "We need to make the current governance accountable at levels"

I love her pragmatic approach to getting things done.

She's got to be our first indigenous Prime Minister!

It's a NO from her - and a NO from me. NO to division in Australia

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I will vote Yes but don't consider it will change anything if successful. At the heart of the issue is to address intergenerational trauma which requires an understanding of the past.

While we don't recognise the attempted genocide of these people, the resources required to address the issue will always seem too generous.

Albo will be required to bring to light the true plight of Aboriginals which would take courage. I don't consider any focus groups would see this for what it is and the Labor Party couldn't sell water to a man dying of thirst.

As for the Greens 😜, as Lidia Thorp stated she spent so much time consoling people of their white guilt she was exausted. No one trusts these wokesters.

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What a lot of nasty responses.

I've just read Tragedy and Hope 101 by Joe Plummer, you can download a PDF version here


It has changed my world view.

I really don't think a yes or a no "win" will change anything. The objective is to drive division, then to cede sovereignty of Australia to the UN.

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