Jul 14, 2022Liked by Rebekah Barnett

Data shows clearly that more doses = higher likelihood of ending up in hospital. Data pattern replicated across multiple countries.

Fauci & Co: "ThAt MeAns it'S wOrKinG!" and "You better have 4 more shots, or you might really be in danger!"

Our managerial/'expert' classes have really outed themselves as committed morons and dangerous ideologues during this period. Totally unable to adapt, and pivot away from the narrative traps they set for themselves, even when the real world data is making them look more foolish by the day. They're doing multi-decade damage to public trust in science (or in this case $cience) and medicine, and to the reputation of the core institutions of the state, and those who 'manage' them.

Now we are on the path where they're immolating the last of their credibility by doubling down on repressive censorship, and deranged unscientific proclamations and rituals. This will not end well. You can only fight reality for so long.

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