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The crazy thing is, this is OUR data!!! I can't quite pinpoint the moment the government stopped working for the people, but I'm guessing it was a while back.

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It's a merry dance, isn't it?! Check out my (un)success rate with UK agencies - https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/user/joel_smalley.

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Under GIPA, the NSW State Govt can charge you for their time.

I put in a GIPA to NSW Dept of Transport, requesting the advice/emails etc relied upon for one of their bus mask policies (mask exempt + unvaxxed = banned from driving a public bus = I lose money). While I did not request it in my submission, on their response the NSW Info commissioner released the GIPA docs I requested for free, stating it was in the public interest to perceive democratic decision-making processes.

I can dig up the exact wording they used & relevant sections of GIPA. You could request release of the information in the public interest and perhaps not pay anything.

Watch this space.

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Thanks Rebekah for all you're doing. To me, that reply is evidence that she never had that data,she obviously made it up. I'd like to invite you to one of our meetings, RDAactive Warwick. We'd love to hear you speak. Send me an email if interested 🙂 [email protected]

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Amazing that they can break down cases of hospitalisations and deaths etc by vax & unvax, but they never present the ages of the vax vs unvax, even though they have age data for overall stats.

This irrefutable age data would likely show that the vax are suffering at much younger ages with significantly worse results, which is why that refuse to release it as it would destroy the narrative...

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With $29.3b spent on Health in 2021-2022, how else do you expect Health to recoup monies (that are not appropriately accounted for) spent? https://www.audit.nsw.gov.au/our-work/reports/health-2022

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The games these people play. Excellent reply.

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They own this corrupt and criminal system… how dare you question the Elite$ … vermin peasant .. away with you

Same in WA even from a higher in the system standpoint. Exit their system… it is the only way unless the military grow some.

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From Hon Nick Goiran MLC

As promised, here is a final update on Petition no. 49 - State of Emergency Declarations which called for the health advice and modelling which informed the ‘state of emergency’ declarations to be made publicly available.

This petition, according to the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs which is tasked with inquiring into all petitions, is finalised.

The most shocking aspect of this inquiry is the arrogant response from the Health Minister, Amber-Jade Sanderson, who rather than providing the information requested or clearly explaining why she cannot, states:

“The State Government’s management of the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to be world class. It is disappointing to receive a petition from members of the community and tabled by a Members (sic) of Parliament, that seek to undermine the Government’s efforts to keep Western Australians safe.”

In other words, how dare West Aussies ask the Government they elected, why it was necessary to shut down entire businesses and schools, and coerce people to be vaccinated!

Unfortunately, Premier McGowan appears to endorse his Health Minister’s arrogance and contempt, given his reply to the Committee that:

“The WA Government has also announced that an independent review of WA’s response and management of the COVID-19 pandemic will be commissioned...Any inquiries by the Standing Committee on Environment and Public Affairs (the Committee) would duplicate the work of the independent review.”

Don’t worry, nothing for Parliament to see here, according to the Premier.

One does wonder how ‘independent’ this review will be if the attitude of the Premier and his Health Minister are any guide.

With such ‘gold standard’ transparency, why would the people of W.A. be concerned?

It would be easy to be disheartened by this contemptuous response to Petition No.47.

However, I want to remind you about our great success with Petition No.57.

Petition Number 57 (No Further State of Emergency Declarations to be made), really put the pressure on the Premier.

That petition remains the third largest on record and resulted in the Premier announcing his Government would desist from renewing the “State of Emergency” declaration that had dragged on for more than two years.

However, given the attitude of the Premier and his senior ministers, we cannot afford to be complacent.

Case in point: The McGowan Labor Government recently bulldozed legislation through Parliament that includes extraordinary measures such as “COVID-19 officers” to be given the power to break into and enter your house or vehicle without a warrant!

This is why I am asking you to sign and share this third petition, calling for No more Emergency Powers without Oversight.


You have a right to have your voice heard and to be answered with respect.

It has become clear that this Government only starts to listen if more than 10,000 Western Australians officially petition Parliament.

We are more than 50% there already. With your help we can reach this target.

Yours in holding the Government to account,


P.S. If you are not sure if you have already signed this official petition, just give it a shot anyway as the system will alert you if you have already used your email address for this petition. Most importantly, can you share this update with one or two friends who share our concern about this Governments attitude and overreach?




Copyright © 2022 Hon Nick Goiran MLC, All rights reserved.

You are receiving this because you are on the email list for communications from Hon Nick Goiran MLC, Member for the South Metropolitan Region.

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Irrefutable...like Earth being the centre of the Universe.

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Whatever happened to "public servants."

Pathetic pecksniffian bureaucratic suppurating carbuncles, a disgrace to humanity.

But then, the public reaps precisely what it sows.

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Government never " worked" for the people. People ALWAYS paid for government to "serve" them. Hence, people had a perception that Governments worked for them. If you work in public service in Australia, pick up any HR policy and you will see who is in charge of you and who/what is being protected. HR policies serve to protect the Department. Not the tax payers. Not the public servants. They serve the interest of the Department = Bureaucracy

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Thank god you came into this world, Rebekah! We are buoyed by your courage, commitment and kick-arseness.

This post of Safe & Effective hubris is worth reading with those NSW figures in mind, especially the latest two comments by a vaccine injured family and an Indigenous elder who was the most senior Aboriginal health worker in NSW Health, and sacked for refusing the jab: http://www.tammijonas.com/2021/10/11/jab-your-ethics/

As ever, a tonne of gratitude xx

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I like your capitalist efficiency Rebbie. Also, seeing a glimpse of the insanity from Down Under. Thank you.

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What's Susie's phone number? I'll give her a call.

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They're quadrupling down on the lies.

Here in Canada, B.C.'s health minister claimed the flu shots are "50%-70%" effective. Which probably means closer to 25%-35%. Which would make more sense because we never ever reached those levels of 'efficacy' for flu shots. Flu shots are worthless. Nothing more than gravy for pharma to keep cash flow going. In the U.S., White House Covid boss "Dr." Jha said boosters prevent death.

Here we are. Fighting disinformation straight from the state. This is our war.

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Corruption with a Capital C... While the community still suffers from cognitive dissonance and are generally myoptic, I still feel that they are experiencing more truth about governments, the media, the judiciary, law enforcement, big business and the not so elite billionaires of the world. Sadly, our governments are even more corrupt than they already were prior to the past 3 years and so much ground needs to be made up for people in general to see how corrupt they actually are. Thanks for your part in shining the Light!! :-)

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