At least your government is recognizing the problem and paying some claims! After what they did to Novak Djokovic, I never thought they would acknowledge the adverse effects of the vaccine. The truth will win out eventually. Thanks for all you do to expose the lies.

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"Fisher says that if he could go back in time, he would never have had the jab, to begin with. “I would rather have lost my job than go through this.”"

This is the longest, saddest, most unsatisfying 'I told you so' in history. There are no winners here. We are all sinking together. Only question now is whether it will be a short, sharp drop or a long decline. He does realise that we are all paying for his injury right?

"Now that that damage is done, Fisher says he just wants proper compensation so that he can move on with this life."


Nope. We are not going to make it.

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“My doctor’s recommendation for pain and suffering weighting was ‘moderate’, which should equate to an ‘average’ payment, but the panel downgraded that on the assumption that I can ‘live a normal

life’ – which I can’t. They did this without consulting me or my doctors.”

So it looks like they are trying to prove "safe and effective" by downgrading his symptoms, and therefore the assessment.

And this sort of action may explain why so very little (164) claims have been approved. To support the narrative.

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Jun 23, 2023·edited Jun 23, 2023

Pfizer tested 3 versions of their product on rats and selected the one that increased miscarriages the most.

‘Safe and effective’

This is what your government’s and MSM has done to Australians

Morrison you there?

McCoward you there?

I am also guessing they have daughters!!

But will they man up ?

Not a fucking chance

They have slunk off like RATS Leaving a sinking a ship

1.01 minute onwards.


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Thanks Rebekah. Surprised? Not. Standard Govturd MO. Not just OZ. UK & World over the yawning chasm between hollow words, false promises & any actual tangible, real action.

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Love your work Rebekah exposing the deception. Would love to see an article on Department of Defence 'Medical Countermeasures' (vaccines) being deployed onto the people. Honestly, my understanding a global DoD defence operation, and not public health. Countermeasures a very specific legal term and a key piece of the puzzle, explains so much. Australian DoD/Dept Health and TGA both in separate Medical Countermeasure Consortiums. Event 201 Medical Countermeasures a rivoting watch, Public Private Partnership industry buy in, win win (except for the people).

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I find it hard to believe that the same government that lies out of habit, that has gaslit and propagandised the Australian public routinely on practically every aspect of the pandemic, that bows to corporations and has no concept of integrity or even national sovereignty and the rule of law, would treat the vaccine injured with disdain now. In fact I’m sure the extremely ethical professionals at Australia’s medicines regulator and the body charged with overseeing the compensation scheme are beyond reproach when it comes to understanding the actual science and data underpinning the safe and effective (don’t forget extremely necessary and life-saving) vaccines, and wouldn’t spend a second obfuscating, covering up or otherwise hand-wringing their way through causal injury because they’re sponsored by pharma or otherwise in league with supra-national interests. I won’t hear a word of it!

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I can only guess they are waiting until we achieve surplus?

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All part of the plan, South Australia legalised assisted dying with more States/ Territories to come. For example; putting the "squeeze" on good people with debilitating pain/ conditions with a terms & conditions, piss weak, soul destroying compensation offer coupled with the shrug the shoulders, next to zero hope "offered" by the same bastards who "vaccinated " them in the first place. Then, because many will see no way out of their pain & suffering & do not wish to be a burden to their family, will take the soft option, after receiving an magnanimous offer from the very government that put them in this insidious position. ( Canada anyone?) "Dear coerced sucker, as a gesture of goodwill we will assist in the part payment ( we don't have the funds to pay for everything) for your peaceful demise so as to ease your alleged pain & suffering." It's just another extension of the plan, imo. I could be wrong, doubt it.

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I Like To Think Of The Vaccines

As Pre - Pre - Pre- Abortions

For Future Generations.

And Who Doesn't Support Abortion ?


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After all the information regarding this is easily found and verified I struggle to understand why the general public have not responded in a manner that I would consider logical - it is as though they too have stalled.

The entire thing was based on a massive and ongoing global psy-op.

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Masons, masons and more masons....

Have a look at the 'work' these two have done in order to get promoted to the top jobs... See a pattern?

"Political issues should be decided by the government, not the courts" ... What about The Constitution of Australia? Isn't that a law issue? ... Not under the Emergencies Act.


Bromberg was born in Israel in 1959 and arrived in Australia with his family in 1967, shortly before the Six-Day War. His father became a supermarket proprietor in Melbourne.[1]

Bromberg was educated at Brighton Road State School, Elsternwick State School, Elwood College, and Brighton Grammar School.[1] He graduated with a Bachelor of Economics and a Bachelor of Laws from Monash University around 1984.[2][3]

He presided in Eatock v Bolt in the Federal Court, in which columnist Andrew Bolt was found to be in breach of Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975.[6]

In a 2021 case, Sharma v Minister for the Environment, Bromberg ruled that the federal Minister for the Environment had a duty of care, arising from the law of negligence, to protect children from climate change when considering whether to approve projects under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. Bromberg did not grant the injunction sought by the plaintiffs, a group of teenagers, who sought to bar the minister from approving an extension to the Vickery coal mine owned by Whitehaven Coal.[7] Bromberg's ruling was unanimously overturned on appeal to the full bench of the Federal Court of Australia in 2022, with Chief Justice James Allsop stating government policy should be determined by the government and not by the courts.[8]

In April 2023, a Federal Court ruling determined in favour of the native title application lodged by Anangu seven years earlier for around 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi) of pastoral lease land in the Northern Territory, that includes Erldunda, Lyndavale, and Curtin Springs cattle stations. This was the first recognition of commercial rights in Central Australia, and was handed down by Bromberg at a gathering in the remote community of Imanpa.[9]

Debra Sue Mortimer is an Australian judge who has been the Chief Justice of the Federal Court of Australia since 7 April 2023. She was born in New Zealand but has practised law in Australia. She has been a judge of the Federal Court of Australia since 2013, having previously been a Senior Counsel practising at the Victorian Bar in migration law, environmental law and anti-discrimination law.[1]

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💯 percent correct.

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Here's a recent podcast by Ryan Christian - IMO he's right on topic - what's happening here is pretty identical to what's happening to people in the US as this really is a global attempt at forcing population reduction by more means than one.

If you have the time you might appreciate the 3 hour podcast.

''Emails Reveal Cover Up Of Fluoride Toxicity & The COVID-19 Vaccine Narrative Has Utterly Collapsed''


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