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I really hope this has legs but I'm a touch skeptical.

Purely because the information coming out re the DoD in USA around the production and roll out being under black box military authority.

The documents between Pfizer and Moderna and the DoD detail this (See Sashya Latypova, and Karen Kingston's substacks respectively and Katherine Watts's substack detailing the legal framework allowing this, starting back in 2013.)

Australia's own military strangely got involved early on during the establishment of Sco Mo's secretive "National Cabinet" created for Covid19 shots rollout, with our top general. heading up the cabinet. 🤔🤔🤨

So going after the TGA will be great and viable, IF the roll out of these shots was in fact under civilian jurisdiction. If it was military....then🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.

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Hope it works, or at least brings the issues to a wider audience.

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I have been blessed with a socially awkward character and after 60 years of struggling to figure out why I just cannot ever fit, it finally occurred I'm some sort of Aspergers case. I can finally just be and accept you can't cure alien. One of the many benefits however, is that this whole plandemic garbage was as clear as the sunrise and not let anyone near me with any syringes and on balance am over this worse than useless medical establishment for the rest of my days. I have already cured chronic illnesses cheaply, and quickly, which they cannot and which they would not, if it could not be done profitably enough for themselves. I never even wore a stupid and unhealthy mask or let anyone tell me when I could walk freely on the planet either. These aren't rights we're granted by men. They are our God given birthright. I'm ready to fight and die defending them too. Slavery is always an option. Death is a better choice. Preferably including as many of those who would try and steal them as possible. Yet if just a few thousand people would be as adamant in saying NO to all of this as I have been, in any one place;. Instead of being so thin on the ground, one was usually the only person you'd see all day in the city or in a mall etc without a silly dirty face rag collecting their spit and expelled body waste for further enjoyment and consumption. Kind of like a rabbit eating it's poop twice to get all the nutrition.

I do know people who have good reason to be on here. I am sending it around to those I know personally. For myself I am living in fear of losing my son and my best and oldest mate. Both triple jabbed., refusing to get more because they've been constantly sick since they got their jabbery. I may have something which clears the blood of the spike proteins which by my research and some actual trials too seem to be the main problem, from Long Covid, from the victims of shedding of them from the Vaccinauts, including pets. A lot of cats and dogs are going down with rare blood ailments. Dogs seem to get neurological interference and cats just drop dead. It's been going on since a few months after the jabbery began. Turns out rabbits get them too and I've seen both neurological issues, the spike proteins presumably passed on to offspring, and the sudden unexplainable death to heart attacks at the same age. All but one in the litter who I treated almost too late when I realised what was going on. The mother, never had the severe fits she was getting after treatment, but she was pregnant and the four babies started dropping with nothing seemingly wrong except sudden heart stoppage.. The last one is still alive long after. As good of an animal study of the stuff's effectiveness as I need to be convinced. The medical system is NOT interested and that is a fact. I wasted time trying only to decide I will never bother with the establishment medical system again. I am now trying to get the son and best mate to use it, properly. They are taking me more seriously as their compromised immune systems become obvious. A few more I have spoken too are starting to get it and use it and I am waiting for some results as yet. Very early days. Offering people a cheap, safe and miraculous cure for even a chronic disease they know is going to kill them should seem a no brainer. Welcome to my world, where brains are something most have, but reason and logic are old fashioned ideas. I have seen 8 people reverse their heart disease doing what I did and as many have ignored the advice and died since. When you're incurable to establishment medicine, why wouldn't you try anything which said it can cure you? If safe and cheap, what have you got to lose? I don't know the answer to this. My father in law died the day after the last time I tried to get him to try this, of a stroke. The same herb which cleans the blood and neural system of the Fauci Fleas cures heart disease. I used it instead of bypass and stents. An ancient cure I'm sure, it's an obscure herb used for treating high BP in a few Ayurvedic treatments for this. It turns out it actually cures heart disease. It is a blood purifier. It's provenance caught my eye and a hunch about it. I've been getting the word out and had a TikTok video go viral about it for a short time, before I was suspended and reduced to a shadow banned existence when I was suddenly reinstated sometime later. I mention this, because there's not enough of this slow growing plant to even begin to save all the people it could and it may become expensive and scarce when enough people catch on. I keep a little quiet about it, but will share with anyone who asks privately, I just want to be sure they know how to use it. There is NO information other than what I found. The Indians are no0t idiots like our health system. They listened to me and have been having great success using it in trials for leukemia. I told their health people I was sure it would be good for this. They really listened and acted. I've not told any system about the way it seems to beat the Fauci Fleas though. I put my email in a vaguely cryptic way on one of my posts about the proof they made a fraudulent ED. Figure it out and email me and I'll tell you what, how and where to get it.

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This is great to see , thank you Rebekah.

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I am rather skeptical of this class action. I will probably wait until I see some meaningful wins in the Australian Courts first, before I commit to anything.

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If anyone wants to get serious, I have something I believe can prove the emergency declaration was fraudulent, based on false claims of there being no safe and effective cure for COVID. Proof which exists in mining company and government email records, that they knew an astonishingly effective and cheap cure for ALL CORONAVIRUSES and while directly denying it was effective or safe. That it was result of lab studies, peer reviewed reports in major medical and health journals, human trials and all. They knew in detail, the dosage and mechanism and that it was an almost unheard of 100% effective. Everyone has heard about quinine and ivermectin, but believe it or not there's something much more to this story and I have known about it since January 2020, thanks to a clue from the Chinese and a bit of research, with a fortunate bit of inspiration. Believe me, this is very little known, I have tried to get attention with all the big truth telling names who have NEVER had the full story. All I have managed is to get them talking about zinc at last.

I know they knew, because I know people in admin in some big mining companies up North and they told me about something very early in 2020, which is absolute proof the government knew from the start how to cure this, but actually ALL CORONAVIRUSES, from the start. I knew of the cure due to Chinese, later found all the reports, which are still available, but hidden in a simple sleight of hand. The news about the mining companies, was confirmation the government did know, which seemed likely given the information I found about it. I've been fortunate in having the right info fall into my lap, but not coincidence. This is my real talent, I have a good eye for details and memory for anything which ever caught my eye. Making the pattern, or connection comes like magic. A consolation prize for being a virtual alien socially. It is something I can prove, in a court anyway. How I got there might be spooky to some eyes but what it is I can prove the way a scientist should, with real evidence and sources. The theory has proven as effective as claimed too. You only ever heard half the story with quine, ivermectin and quercetin. The answer to lying media was always simple, and it has nothing to do with their parasitic qualities. I see chemicals, not medicines. The chemical reactions are not always the same, curing things in more than one way. These all have one quality in common, nobody got. They are IONOPHORES. They're not a cure and will on their own only work most of the time. If you include the thing which cures ALL coronaviruses, you have an astonishing 100% effectiveness supposedly. Natural remedies are not unscientific. They should be used and understood with the same scientific principles in mind as all things.

They KNEW this since 2005! They TOLD the mining industry in writing within a month of the starting gun for the plandemic. While they told us it was dangerous, did not help and banned it from sale. I actually bought heaps from India before it was banned. I never heard of anybody else who managed this. It's been off the market since March 2020. I have been ahead of them by several steps as I have said. This provable history of even human trials and reports they all had access to for years, the proof they knew, by having told an essential industry, in writing and full details, is utterly damning of the whole GIANT lie. Meaning the entire emergency declaration was a complete fraud and crime against the people. This is a huge thing. You can subpoena records and hang them out to dry.

It is why I think they drop their charges against me every time they tried. Mandates are not laws anyway, and I have dared them to charge me. Each time they dropped them next day. I am sure it's because once somebody saw what I told the cops, about how much I was looking forward to this, they chose to avoid getting me in front of a judge. This one does an end run around what is at this time a totally broken legal system. Crooked courts have no way of ducking this. My email is my 3 initials SGP and four digit year of birth at hotmail. I'm a water rabbit, so sixty this year. The year they got Kennedy. I am not bullshitting, this is quite an explosive fact and the proof is going nowhere. They can't hide it. They have tried very hard though.

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