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A WA doctor you may be interested in Rebekah who was a school teacher in country WA before noticing kids getting sicker and sicker and then investigating - you guessed it - vaccines!!


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It's likely that it's possible to identify your taxi driver these days. Just from his association with you. If you paid cash, both of you had your phones in faraday cages and you hailed him from the street it might be ok. Otherwise maybe not. Probably in this instance there won't be a penalty for him.

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Its a very hard step to take let alone believe as we have been conditioned to believe in viruses and contagion Rebekah, but viruses' do not exist, keep an open mind and have a squizz

it has been a long road for me to get there from the start of this scandemic

also Dr Sam Bailey and her doctor husband from NZ are also great sources of info, Dr Kaufman from the US and even Mike Yeadon in UK a ex Pfizer VP of research has recently admitted this.


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