We republished your piece. Great work. Nothing short of criminal misconduct if you want my view. All the best.


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I was put in the aged euthaasia country mental hospital in Victoria in late 2020 - Macalister Ward of the Latrobe Regional Hospital - because I tried to go home to my empty house in South Australia because my son interfered in my life. I was stayilng on his property in Victoria at the time. I had a legal right to cross the boarder and go home because I pay rates and own my home in my own right. I was of no fixed address in Centrelink at the time. I was asked like everyone else every day if I wanted to committ suicide. Anyone who said NO once was euthanasized by 3rd world medical staff with a lethal injection regardless of their extremely loud 'NO, NO, NO, NO' screams and regardless of the numerous times they had said 'NO' to the everyday suicide question.

If I had not written letters of objection to every Member of the Parliament of Victoria about the Euthanasia Bill on the table in the Parliament of Victoria in 2017, I would be dead - murdered by the 3rd World government medical workers like other old people under Euthanasia Laws.

Vladimir Putin advised the world that he invaded Ukraine because of the Genocide in Western Countries. Ukraine was trying to become a Western Country and was being used to infiltrate Russia with the cultural aggression of the West -- i.e. euthanasia and the homosexuality of the L.G.B.T.+ people. + means paedophilia. Volodymyr Zelenskyy stopped supporting the L.G.B.T.+ people when Russia invded Ukraine on 24 February 2022. The L.G.B.T.+ people have become a power body in world politics, especially in Australia. That is why the West is arming Ukraine. As it turns out, the fight for freedom is all about freedom for the L.G.B.T.+ people to impose their cultural aggression on everyone else in the world including children.

Australia is programming children at school with the agenda of the L.G.B.T.= people. No child is safe from being sodomized in Australia. According to their tradition, the men sensitize the anus of babies by running their fingers around the anus of the baby. They then say that the babies were born homosexual when that did not happen until after birth. We are confounded becaue it is not respictable to say what homosexuals are known do to babies and even children

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The experts did NOT get it wrong from their point of view. What we have in Australia is all forms of Genocide. Vladimire Putin is correct. I would be dead - murdered by 3rd World nurses and medical staff - if I had not written letters of objection to all Members of Parliament in 2017 when the Euthanasia Bill was on the table in the Parliament in Victoria. I wrote my book 'Euthanasia Rebutted' in 2018 and updated it with what I witnessed in late 2020. I have the university qualifications to be able to do this.

Old people are being put in mental hospitals in Victoria and probably in other euthanasia states of Australia for no proper legal reason and asked every day if they want to committ susicide. Anyone who says 'Yes' once, regardless of their numerous 'No' answers to the suicide question, are murdered with a lethal injection by 3rd World nurses and medical staff under Euthanasia Laws regardless of their extremely loud 'NO, NO, NO, NO' screams. I am a woman 77 years old, but young for my age.

My updated book is called 'Euthanasia Rebutted: NO 'right to life' in Australia.' It will be published overseas this year. It has to be published overseas first because of the great danger of publishing such books in Australia.

An ordinary person in Australia does not have freedom of speech. Psychiatrists claim that people who argue like we argue - like UAP argues - are mentally ill and fit for a mental hospital. Wake up Australia! There is a relationship between

(1) Euthanasia Genocide in Australia and probably elsewhere in Western Countries, AND

(2) COVID-19 deaths and coronavirus injection deaths and associated terminal illness.

It is all to do with reducing population growth in the world. White collar capitalists want to do that. Both Donald Trump and Clive Palmer are blue collar capitalists, thank heavens!

The problem is that religious minded people who are deliberately increasing their numbers to win the vote at election times in democratic countries are deliberately overpopulating for a peaceful, cold-war military intervention. The greater numbers win the vote at election times.

Because the Nazis in Hitler's Germany could not take control of the world through a military means, they changed their strategies to peaceful ones to conquer the world through peaceful methods. They used their church to get into power in Western Countries. Vladimir Putin is correct. The Nazis have power in Western countries. The problem is also Article 15 of the International Human Rights agenda - the right to change nationality! I mention these things in my books, pen name Daisy Snow. www.daisysnow9-11books.com

In the 1970's when the United Nations told the world to reduce population growth, Islam and the Roman Catholic Church refused. The government in Australia spend millions or more likely billions of dollars educating the people to reduce population growth, but has since and is now accepting the over-population from countries that refused to reduce population growth.

The problem is that people are formally edicated to refuse to consider that such world problems like the conglomeration of refugees all over the world is not a long-term, cold-war military strategy.

One of the ways to resolve a political scandel is through publication. The cost of publication and marketing is extremely high for an ordinary person like me. Nevertheless, that is why there is a need to write books on these said cold-war military strategies.

Our laws in Australia are being changed to fascist laws because of the Nazis in power in government. The voters in Australia usually sit on the fence and do nothing. The assumption that 'the experts got it wrong' is not correct. They have a fascist agenda, not a democratic one.

from Meret-Field Sally-Brown

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May 24, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

Thank you, Rebekah, for your fearless and timely reporting.

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Nice article Rebeka.

Who (or what) is AUKUSTRATING the whole thing?

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Given Australian Prof Jane Halton has been the Chair of CEPI since 2018, the rest of it has been a slam dunk for BMGF.

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Good stuff Rebekah and much praise to Senator Antic

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Super troll from Steve Kirsch.

The Amish didn't lockdown, social distance, mask, or take a vaccine. It was business as usual. Few died. I offered $2,500 for anyone who could name >5 Amish who died. No takers. Just excuses.


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Michael Gray Griffiths of Cafe Locked Out has interviewed close to 1,000 Australians affected by the jab. (a small representation) So much pain and suffering being denied and hidden through censorship and blatant over reach of Government control.

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Thanks Rebekah.

1 good thing to come out from this scamdemic? The facade of democracy, worldwide, has been exposed for the true sham it has always been. RIP DEMOCRACY.

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May 23, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

Despite medical assurances that all was well with vaccinations, results tell that things are not. When a Pfizer executive states that they were unsure about the efficacy of their vaccine then there should be concern from all. The story is not new but obviously has been suppressed to suit the situation as usual

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May 22, 2023·edited May 22, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

At this point are there any public entities in this country, elected or unelected, local or federal, that are staffed by a majority of ethical people, and run for and on behalf of the Australian public? The answer is sadly “No”.

Put another way, what sane, critically-thinking, incorruptible, competent person would choose to work for one of them?The fact that Senator Antic is so well known as an outlier of the system, says it all.

Paraphrasing now, but it was recently said by someone that the system here and elsewhere is now purposefully so corrupt, so bloated, so broken, so lacking in checks and balances, so opaque, the rules and regulations so inscrutable, that essentially it now exists to hide differing degrees of graft and incompetence because practically everyone in it is either ignorant of, indifferent towards, cowed by, or is actively benefiting from, said crime or graft.

How the hell does one even begin to root out the bad actors when practically the entire edifice needed to do so is itself staffed with bad actors, and the judicial system to whom one would turn for redress is no longer interested in justice??

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May 22, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

If it was safe and effective they would not need to censor the truth. Bring on the trials and lock up the parasites.

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Why isn't SCUMMO IN GAOL? WHY? This filthy fascist was in complete lockstep with our Enemy, The Amerikan Empire, in dissolving the threads that gave us even a simulcra of Democracy. Mr FIVE UNELECTED PORTFOLIOS MINISTER. MR SPY ON Aussies. Mr "there is no Mandate but you're sacked"! This filthy destroyer of Liberty is SWANNING AROUND FREE, he should be trialed for Treason Against the Australian People & hung by the neck, if actual Justice existed in our New Dystopia... and how different is Anthony Stalineasy? Ha! With his pursed lispy lips locked on the greasy pole of the Amerikan Military Industrial Complex, eagerly awaiting YANK orders for us to commit suicide for Amerika!

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May 22, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

Very disturbing.

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May 22, 2023Liked by Rebekah Barnett

Trust was always an illusion within this power structure.

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