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Let’s face it, those of us who already know can’t “unsee” and those who can’t see will likely never believe us anyway … interestingly for those of you paying attention to the government’s proposed “misinformation” legislation, the UN in June released its “Brief 8” of its Common Agenda policy, purporting to be a guide to combating misinformation, disinformation and hate speech … demonstrating that Aus is simply following in lock step with its globalist partners in Geneva. But the fact that the government is having to try this hard to flog this turkey of a Voice tells me that they don’t have high confidence in the underlying value of the message … they have to cheat.

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I noticed this new regime of "fact checking" last night on Instagram.

An Aboriginal lady's opinion was censored on a post on Instagram last night... "Fact checked", because it goes against the narrative... How is her opinion something to fact check? Luckily still the option to click through the warning and watch her, and listen to her perspective.

Once that ACMA bill passes, we won't even see her... There is no argument that her "opinion" re the voice could be dangerous, or misinformation, it's an opinion...

We've now poured taxpayer money into censoring Aboriginal voices, re their voice to parliament?? WTF?? Think about that!

Someone said it earlier, those asleep will remain asleep unfortunately... Or not even care, dumbed down populations in the west, who've never known totalitarianism, will be a walkover with the "for your safety" bullsh!t excuse that oppressive regimes force on their victims...

I fear we've lost the Australia we once knew, and may never get it back... I try and wake people up, many are, but not awake enough... Writing to my local politician, I get a message back from that MP's gatekeeper saying that everything is fine, they certainly don't say that my letter or concerns will be put to the MP.

I took a stand for future generations, and lost my job (don't really care to work for tin pot tyrants anyway), but I do what I can to try and make the process of takeover as hard as possible for those in bed with this plan.

We've lost our judicial system, either through corruption, scientific stupidity or fear... So whatever has happened they're on board with unthinkable transgressions of basic human rights, bodily autonomy and freedom of speech... So we can't count on them...

Confirmed by fair work experience, which was a total farce, I even got called an "antivaxxer" by work's lawyer in my mediation just to top it all off (even though prior to this, I did take vaccines, I won't now though, I know better!).

Despite well referenced material on my behalf - I studied biology at uni - and no material on my workplace's behalf (or for that matter, Fairwork itself... The mediator was just desperate for me to agree works direction was "fair and reasonable" despite knowing the direction is fundamentally illegal) I lost, knowing full well that I would... So many others had.

I wasn't there to keep my job of course, I was there to make sure that this process was a time consuming painful letter writing, legal sh!t fight for my workplace, long letters to read full of peer reviewed science, lawyers needed to be engaged to write every response, I included previous legal rulings from fair work, the fact an employee was already mRNA injured, so further pursuit of a mandate policy is criminal negligence in OH&S terms (especially given doesn't prevent spread) etc etc... Can't even begin to imagine what that cost in lawyers fees... I represented myself, and didn't spend a penny...

But six people at my workplace either had a relative dead or injured following the jab so didn't want it, they were allowed to wait for Novavax (knowing that even that has a high myocarditis risk with it), if they'd all been like me and said "no"... Work would have been in a desperate position... But of course they all caved.... Prisoners to a mortgage... Basically their "life" was threatened, as the modern world is a sea of debt... But if they said no, as a collective, work almost certainly would have to cave, as their skills are very hard to come by... I can only imagine their fear as they lined up for a medication they didn't want (or need)...

I've probably gone on long enough, but this country has been lost it seems, the WEF deception has fooled many, and I can only hope we turn this slippery slope around, as a united population... If more wake up, look at our would be masters and say "No".

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Far be it for any young person proposing to vote "yes" to ponder why those with vastly more life experience are voting "no". After all, young people always know better. And the whole gaining of wisdom with age caper is just senile decay. What do we oldies know!!??

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The desperate act of a dying regime. Let's see who curates and counts the ballots. Watch for the 'F' bump at 3am.

Edit: relatedly https://time.com/5936036/secret-2020-election-campaign/

As you read the article, remember the 'inversions.' 'Our democracy' being 'our power.' It's not like any of this is a secret at this point.

Relatedly again, I have found more MSM gaslighting using classic communistic subversion regarding the voice. They are using the word 'confusion' which is code for 'yes, we know this is deliberate erosion of your rights, but we do not want to say so, and will instead shame and browbeat you into compliance with communist-style re-education.' Low-IQ woke midwits are highly succeptible to the groupshame. They love 'education' and thus are hooked. Look at the deliberate use of the word 'confusion' in relation to Aboriginal issues:




See? It's all so 'confusing' which is why we need 'education' because we are stupid. Thank you again Rebekah, for your documentation of clown world.

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Anyone trusting "Meta" to safeguard their news information or 'truth', is an idiot. They have already shown that they cannot be trusted.

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Isn't that move by Meta "foreign interference" by definition? Should I report this to ASIO? 😉

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Of course they did so well with Hunter Bidens laptop, the Russia hoax, ivermectin and “vaccines” while colluding with the democrats - beyond belief!

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Which ever way the Referendum vote goes, the MSM and big Tech and our "socialist" government will ensure the Voice gets enacted.

just at look WA's new ACH legislation to get an idea what Aus will be in for. Brought in by stealth, rammed through Parliament, and effectively over rides freehold of anything over a quarter acre block.

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This fascist model, partnering of government and big tech is ominous. Yet totally consistent with the WEF PPP model. And increasingly prevalent.

Big Tech aren't even attempting to straddle any line. They are firmly partisan. Fully aligned with The Agenda.

They are another mainly deniable tool, in the toolkit of government by tyranny.

With the various revelations about Big Tech malfeasance, the fact our government is allying with them for The Voice is an admission that this vote like many others will be stolen.

As an aside, this is why we needed a reckoning from the Scamdemic. The same trickery, same lies, same villains, keep appearing and shaping events. Those actors should all be dead or in jail for their crimes - for the millions that they aided in killing. But they are free to commit more crimes against us all.


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There is a reason many now refer to Australia as “East Germany with Koalas”.

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It’s all part of the New World Order playbook.

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Criminal Code Act 1995

Subdivision B—Foreign interference

92.2 Offence of intentional foreign interference

Interference generally

(1) A person commits an offence if:

(a) the person engages in conduct; and

(b) any of the following circumstances exists:

(i) the person engages in the conduct on behalf of, or in collaboration with, a foreign principal or a person acting on behalf of a foreign principal;

(ii) the conduct is directed, funded or supervised by a foreign principal or a person acting on behalf of a foreign principal; and

(c) the person intends that the conduct will:

(i) influence a political or governmental process of the Commonwealth or a State or Territory; or

(ii) influence the exercise (whether or not in Australia) of an Australian democratic or political right or duty; or

(iii) support intelligence activities of a foreign principal; or

(iv) prejudice Australia’s national security; and

(d) any part of the conduct:

(i) is covert or involves deception; or

(ii) involves the person making a threat to cause serious harm, whether to the person to whom the threat is made or any other person; or

(iii) involves the person making a demand with menaces.

Note: An alternative verdict may be available for an offence against this subsection (see section 93.5).

Penalty: Imprisonment for 20 years.


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Hmmm, I feel much better knowing the benevolent Meta is now going to safeguard the Voice referendum...

I suspect (hope) that despite the ruling elite's attempts to force this divisive constitutional change upon us, the majority of us will vote no (although whether the counting is legitimate is another question). Much of WA has now seen the disaster that this kind of woke racist virtue signalling (for want of a better term) begets - the Cultural Heritage Act 2022 (just implemented), wherein virtually everyone with some land has to pay exorbitant hourly rates to bring in *local indigenous *experts to tell them whether the stock fence they're erecting, or the native trees they're planting impact the ancient rainbow snake they may believe occupies the area...

Like with Covid policy, there are silver linings to this outrageous, often bizarre nonsense - more and more people simply cannot ignore it, and cannot un-see it.

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I've republished this piece in A Sense of Place Magazine. Again. You're too good. And said very nice things about you at the bottom of the piece: "When it comes to a new generation of journalists born out of this difficult time in our history, she is one of the brightest stars in the firmament. You can follow her work and support Australian independent journalism with a paid subscription or one off donation via her Substack page Dystopian Down Under." You really are doing some great work. Congratulations and thanks for allowing us to republish. All the best. https://asenseofplacemagazine.com/tech-giant-meta-to-safeguard-australian-referendum-integrity-arbitrate-truth/

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Ooph!! That is the perfect signal of the intent of the global players to utterly corrupt our constitution for their use. "The Voice" is unbelievably chilling.

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When you never "had it in the bag," use the filthy bag you have to suffocate all, and any opposition.

Meta is the digital branch of the Transnational Corporatocracy and it intends on assisting its little corporate "Aussie" outpost to advance the required UN/WEF agenda. It will endeavour to achieve this by "fact-checking" falsehoods and fictions into the only "reality" approved by the Corporatocracy.

It won't take 'No' for an answer.

Ultimately, this blatant Private Public Partnership (PPP) between Meta and our captured "government" is an aggressive business and marketing decision.

Expect "support" to dramatically and inexplicably "increase" as Australians everywhere develop an unexpected "clarity" that encourages an "uptick" in "enthusiasm" that was hitherto nonexistent.

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