this retraction is solely for social media to be able to label it as such with a fake fact check. they don't care what the truth is. They don't care that their misinformation is the most dangerous misinformation.

they have no shame.

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The narrative should have crumbled long ago & it’s so appalling that it has not. They keep quadrupling down

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Congratulations, Dr. Skidmore - retraction in the current time is a highest badge of honor.

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Apr 6, 2023·edited Apr 7, 2023

On the balance of probabilities, this retraction appears to constitute scientific fraud, pure and simple.

On the balance of probabilities, this appears to be a corrupt cover up.

Proof beyond reasonable doubt is not needed here.

The journal editors have a case to answer.

They have not demonstrated that this retraction was not motivated by conflict of interest or other improper considerations.

Stigmatizing an author and potentially "perverting the course of science" by favoring one narrative over another should not be undertaken lightly.

Heads must roll!

How long until the paper at the first link below, co-authored by Peter McCullough, meets the same fate?

From Mogwai, commenter in The Daily Sceptic:

Important paper just out. A scientific investigation looking at the alleged protection of the clot shots from severe illness and death.


”The widely accepted medical narrative today, as if the booster doses of the mRNA vaccines prevent severe illness and deaths despite their failure to protect against infections, lacks scientific support. It is more likely that this proclaimed efficacy against severe illness and deaths is merely a wishful myth, which has no empirically grounded evidence. We therefore openly call for an immediate, even if temporary cessation of the vaccination campaign until real evidence is available, especially considering the critical safety signals, which seem to be downplayed unjustifiably in the medical and scientific discourse.”


Accompanying video (13mins ) of the lead author talking about his findings.


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The hit piece in the chronicle of higher learning was most amusing. They entirely relied on a PhD student who, in his many many years of not reviewing literature has become an expert on shoddy covid data. I wonder if he wears a mask?

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Imagine the insanity of trying to jab everyone, including children and pregnant women, multiple times, with an experimental medicine concocted in record time by companies with a long track record of corrupt practice, for an illness that is not serious for the vast, vast majority of people, and the jab doesn’t stop the spread of the illness, nor was even tested for stopping spread, and in the history of respiratory diseases (SARS1, MERS, swine flu, bird flu) there has never been a reliable vaccine.

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Every single time I hear someone say, "the narrative is crumbling," I think about examples like this. Among "team reality" the narrative was always B.S. Among "team apocalypse" the narrative--along with the goodness of NPIs, the magic of masks, and the blessings of the vaccine--remains unarguable. When someone says this is not so, we only have to look to results like this retraction.

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good work again. this is what i found in australia. I am a bit more speculative as i consider almost all reported deaths to be vaccine related. i ask on what authority does the tga overrule the doctor making the report. https://blog.justgeorgeous.net/justgeorgeous/current-research/sars-cov-2/tga-database-adverse-event-notification-says-935-deaths-after-covid-vaccine-but-total-is-2631-x10-means-26000-could-have-died-from-the-jab-in-australia/

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It shouldn't need to be said but commenters need to refrain from engaging with "David" and his ilk, it is a pointless exercise.

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I both admire Skidmore's article and find the underlying method sketchy. The Rasmussen survey on the same topic had 10% of households with a vaccine death and 11% with a COVID death. There are 131 million US households, so that would be about 13 million vaccine and 14 million COVID deaths. How is that possible when the US has 3 million annual deaths?

For uncommon events, surveys maybe tell us how many people are willing to fabricate stories. OTOH, most medical studies on COVID or vax boil down to surveys of doctors who are known to engage in their idea of noble lies.

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There will come a day of reckoning, I hope, when all those who denied the 'good science' will be led , one by one, in solemn procession, and shuffling in leg irons, up the mountain to the edge of a fiery pit on Mt Doom, and walk the plank into oblivion.

Starting with the chief charlatan, the 'for hire' modeller Neil Ferguson who took the toxic dollar from Bill Gates.

Gates can go next: after contemplating his own doom in the fate of his acolyte and hireling.

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Add scientific journals to long list of captured entities. A published peer review study now means as much as a 4th grade science project. Actually less so, as the 4th graders project is purer science.

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Great job. I am going to fund the lawsuit to sue the editorial board and publisher. It’s time to go on the offensive.

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Hi Rebekah,

Feel like wading into Edward Dowd's recent report?


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SOP. There have been several papers that have predictably met the same fate.

The real truth is that the orchestrators and instigators are running out of fingers to put in the holes in the dyke holding back the ocean of death.

For example:

Walach, H.; Klement, R.J.; Aukema,W. The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy. Vaccines 2021, 9, 693. https://doi.org/10.3390/vaccines9070693


A Report on Myocarditis Adverse Events in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in Association with COVID-19 Injectable Biological Products

Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc* and Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH

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Same story over and over again. "The resistance", including this substack writer, spends countless hours producing high quality, super researched and quoted fact-based articles. Yet, to only be dismissed by arrogant, powerful-feeling and/or corrupted people. And the MSM still is the gatekeeper. How long will this be going on? Does it have to get worse before a critical mass gets worried and/or angry with it?

What happened to the moral compass of the enablers? What do they get out of this? When do they get tired of being used and manipulated through fear and propaganda? And more importantly - are the "resistance fighting reserves" waiting to enter the battlefield of opinion? Because every soldier needs a break and needs to recover and recharge to avoid burn-out.

I lately feel fatigued. My blood pressure is too high - for the first time. So I need lightness and fun and humour and love. But I also feel a responsibility to contribute and support.

I am also looking for new deeper strategies. I am tired of spending hours and days researching and proof to the world what is going on. And yet, I can't let it go, either. Once again, I spent the whole morning reading and contributing. I could have done some fun stuff instead.

I think I am done with the "proof stuff". It has been proven over and over and over and over again. By super scientific careful work like the article mentioned in this substack. To what avail? It's redacted, and as one commentator here pointed out, MSM fact-checkers will now use this official redaction to eliminate it from the broader public truth. That's how it works.

I am not saying that the thousands of similar articles produced were useless. Not at all. They, one day, will become very, very important to trial and punish the enablers. Because of all that work, they will never be able to say they didn't know. (However, does anyone keep hard copies at home of these documents? Can they disappear or not as long they are in the cloud?)

I am just wondering what else we could do. A new ingenious strategy that somehow slips through the gates of the MSM and reaches the people directly? No, that's not possible. We have to accept that MSM has access to the majority of people.

We need to use MSM without them knowing it. We need Trojan horses. We need to produce articles that appear to support the narrative of the powerful and, therefore, will be printed and screened to the people but have an underlying profound unconscious message hidden in it that works like a tiny seed of doubt in people's minds.

The totalitarian gatekeepers don't have humour, love, kindness, and laughter, and they don't trust. They are incapable of trusting the unfolding of life. That's why they need to control everything. They are governed by the fear of losing control. This is a spiritual disease. And they are perfect in the controlling game. Control through information at this point. I don't think we can beat them there, as this substack article is so powerfully pointed out.

I am just brainstorming here, people. Please help me because that's another strength we have over them, apart from love, caring, humbleness, humour and kindness. We have a networking open creative structure. They have a hireacharcial structure, a top-down structure.

We are more agile, flexible, quicker and decentralised. They are, by their personality types (mostly obsessive, compulsive, phobic, and controlling), rigid, inflexible, slow and centralised. There must be a way to use that to our advantage. We have to stop playing their game. We have to change the way we fight them.

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