I’m in. Never attended a protest before, but better late than never (missed all the Vietnam marches in the 60’s as I was busy studying).

On whether the virus is real or not...I copped it in May (negative RATs) and was sick as a dog for 3 weeks. BUT, when it was over I felt better than I had before! Go figure. It’s like my immune system mopped it up and then mopped up every other health glitch I had. And more energy than before. Yes it was like a bad flu...sort of...but felt “synthetic”. I also think I had it since early Feb, as I suddenly couldn’t tolerate the taste of alcohol. That passed by June. It seems there are a slew of symptoms, and everybody is affected differently. It’s certainly a weird one. Losing the fear was a winner tho.

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Hmm might make my way over for this one.

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Sep 13, 2022Liked by Rebekah Barnett

Good job Rebekah, looking forward to meeting you. Are you a good speaker?

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Like yourself Rebecca i spent a year feverishly looking and adding up stats that proved comprehensively if this virus existed and i thought it did, it was no worse than a seasonal flu, i thought naively if only someone in Government could see the stats they would understand the mistake they were making with lockdowns and masks etc - how naïve and unworldly was I !!

I went to a protest and missed the walk around to the GG pieman Beazley's house as i was chatting to a bloke - he suggested the virus did not exist, i suggested that even if that was the case we should beat them at their own game through stats to prove it was not so deadly, i still thought that until a month or so ago that this virus was just the flu rebadged and the Wuhan leak was a false flag to scare people into getting the vaccine. These evil people are 10 steps ahead of us.

When i saw the videos from Sam and Mark Bailey from NZ, Andrew Kaufman and Tom Cowen from the US its actually pretty hard to refute their claims, the covid virus like all viruses have not been proven to exist.


Now even Michael Yeadon has come out and said that RESPIRATORY VIRUSES DONT EXIST, it really shouldn't be such a big deal, the freedom movement should respect peoples opinions and on the whole they do.

I most likely will be at the march, maybe we will catch up, don't get me wrong Rebecca i think your columns are great, but i just don't think this virus exists at all and until i see proof i am sticking to that belief.

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Be interesting to see if MSM rock up for a change....

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